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8 Reasons For the Men to Walk Out on Next Week’s ‘Bachelorette’

Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette was drama filled and absolutely insane. From Yosef yelling at Clare to Clare making quite some questionable moves, we ended on a cliffhanger where the men threatened to walk out. But what’s the likelihood that they’ll actually walk out next week, and make Bachelorette history in the process by being the first to do so? Here are eight reasons I think there’s a pretty good chance it’ll happen. 

1. Clare yelled at the men for not paying attention to her

The first thing that threw me off was how Clare yelled at the men for having a conversation with each other, instead of trying to get up and talk to her. I think that Clare saw Dale talking to the others and got jealous he wasn’t paying any attention to her, and perhaps tried to get his attention, or make him jealous, by demanding that everyone pay attention to her. 

Yes, this is a competition where the men fight for Clare’s love, but isn’t the fact that the men are getting along a good thing? This also could’ve made her choice for group rose easier by choosing to ignore it instead, leaving the men to realize they forgot to talk to Clare.

2. Clare made the guys play strip dodgeball

The fact that they did this group date only to lose all of her attention to Dale could definitely lead the men to walk out. The moment Clare mentioned the theme of the game, you could see in their faces that the men were absolutely uncomfortable. Even though she asked afterwards if the guys were okay with it, it would’ve been better if she’d asked them beforehand, or better yet if she’d never suggested it at all (and she’s recently liked a tweet suggesting that it was all the producers’ doing).  

3. Clare ignored the fact that everyone but Dale supported her when Yosef went off

The men have made it clear that they respect Clare. When Yosef was voicing his opinion on going to speak to Clare about what bothers him about her, the guys told him to take it easy on her, and when Clare was being verbally attacked by Yosef for being “classless,” the men immediately got up and briskly walked toward the confrontation to protect Clare and make sure she was okay before yelling at Yosef.

Dale jumped out of nowhere to comfort Clare – which was most likely a producer made move – and Clare forgot about all of the other men. Clare claims Dale protected her, but he really just comforted her. The other men protected Clare but she didn’t give them any credit in helping her.

4. Clare spent an hour with Dale on the cocktail party date (and then gave him a rose)

Dale gave a speech about wanting to talk to Clare first, like he knows he controls the show, and then promised it would be five minutes. But Clare brought him up to her room and they made out for an hour! If it wasn’t for Eazy knocking on Clare’s door, I’m pretty sure Clare and Dale would’ve slept with each other that night and forgotten, once again, all about the other guys.

She also wanted to rush the talks with the others along – probably to have more free time with Dale, because when Dale came in during these talks, she told him it was okay and rushed who she was speaking to out the door. Like Dale hasn’t had enough time with her already?

On top of that, she gave Dale the group date rose. She’s shown so much disrespect to everyone else, and clearly didn’t want to spend any time with anyone who wasn’t Dale, so none of the guys ever had a fighting chance for that rose. Which leads me to my next point…

5. Clare hasn’t given any of the other guys a fighting chance

Clare hasn’t been fair to any of them, because she’s so convinced that Dale is going to be her husband. All these men went through so much to be on the show and to find love with Clare, and here she is all over Dale, treating the rest of them like her friends, going on one-on-ones about mental scars and pedicures. Every time she also has her sit downs with the crew, she only talks about Dale, rather than the other guys. It really seems like the “Clare and Dale Show,” as many people are calling it.


6. Clare was offended when Dale was getting roasted

The guys obviously feel threatened by Dale, and they made the roast all about him. Clare got extremely mad about it, and criticized them for doing it, even though Dale didn’t seem to mind (he probably knows he’s got this in the bag at this point). Clare should’ve listened to the guys’ concerns, instead of yelling at them for something that’s supposed to be a warning to how she’s treating them. The fact that Clare is ignoring this call to talk surely speaks volumes to everyone around her. 


7. Clare didn’t give any of the men a group date rose

Someone in production obviously didn’t make enough roses for Clare! Or, she just really doesn’t like the men. Clare didn’t give any of the men a group date rose, but I’m sure you can guess who got one later. Then, Clare gave herself a rose, leaving me screaming at the fact that she could do such a thing. These men have the utmost respect for her, and she stepped all over it by giving herself the rose. What an absolute mess.


8. Clare called Dale her fiancè

This one really made me hold my head, drop my jaw, laugh, and scream, “What?”” Clare called Dale the f-word before anyone could get down on one knee. This is the first rose ceremony, the second round of dates, and Dale is already getting the winning title before we’ve even reached Fantasy Suites?! Clare didn’t even admit that it was a slip up, she just continued to call him her fiancè. The producers were probably looking at each other and thinking, “Did she say what I think she said? Did he do it? Do we end the show?” The fact that Dale got called the f-word should make the guys run out and into Tayshia’s arms immediately.

#TheBachelorette ok but the fact clare called dale her fiancé behind the guys backs just proved how little she thought of them and girl had the audacity to complain about them not wanting to spend time with her ?

Do you think the guys are going to walk out? Tweet me about it @HappyLilNerd or DM me on Instagram @notoriousnicolaaa, and catch me live tweeting the show on Thursday. 

Nicole Wojnicki is an alumni of LIU Post and has studied Broadcasting Journalism. Nicole drinks Starbucks, tweets about reality TV, spends time with her two cats Shishka and Bob, works out and writes about her interests and life.
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