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8 Questions I Have About Owen & Amelia After This Week’s Episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Season 13 has been a whirlwhind for every Grey’s Anatomy character, but there has especially been a lot of drama with Owen and Amelia. After they got married, they were extremely happy to start their new lives together. They were talking about a family and how Owen wants kids but Amelia really doesn’t. Then during the midseason finale, Amelia ended things with Owen by leaving a note on the kitchen table.  

I still have so many questions about this separation, and I’m sure all Grey’s fans feel the same way.

What the heck, Amelia?

You have this amazing man right in front of you and you’re just not going to talk at all?!

Why isn’t Shonda telling us the full story?

We’ve seen everyone else’s story. Just not the one I care about.

Why did she leave a note and not just talk to him?

Kinda immature if you ask me. Communication is key in a relationship/marriage.

How will her feelings about not wanting kids affect their marriage?

I just wish they would talk about it so I can understand how each of them feel.

Will they get a divorce?

I really hope not; they’re perfect for each other.

Why can’t they be civil with each other?

Just talk guys. 

Does Owen still not know that she doesn’t want kids?

He has a right to know how she’s feeling…

Why the heck is she avoiding him?

Stop it, Amelia. Talk to your husband.

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