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The 8 Most Annoying Characters that Have Ever Graced Our Television Screens

Don't you love binge-watching TV shows? I mean, there are so many benefits to watching episode after episode – you pass the time without even realizing it, you're not left spending all day wondering what happens next, and, most importantly, you realize how annoying that one character on the show really is. If you're a normal person with things to do and places to be, and you're not familiar with this act of binge-watching, don't worry, I'm here to help! Here's a quick rundown of the eight most annoying characters on TV:

April Kepner - 'Grey's Anatomy'

April Kepner was a lot of things. She was kind, she was courageous, but above all? She was annoying. If you're a Grey's fan, there's definitely been a time (or 10) that you've rolled your eyes, or maybe even hit the fast forward button because of Kepner's whiny voice. I love you, Sarah Drew! But not so much you, April Kepner.

Jeremy Gilbert - 'The Vampire Diaries'

The troubled, angsty teenage representation we all needed, watching Jeremy Gilbert sometimes felt like watching yourself on a screen. But let's face it, you're meant to grow out of that self-pitiful phase (as I'm sure most of us did) – you know, where you make all the wrong decisions? Something tells me little Gilbert didn't get the memo. He relished in it, and forever remained the annoying younger sibling who ruined everything.

Jenny Humphrey - 'Gossip Girl'

This show had quite the array of irritating, mean, and downright vicious characters, but somehow Jenny Humphrey takes the cake. The girl who once started out as a harmless – some might even say cute – addition to the show soon became one of the most annoying and irritating characters to grace all of television. I don't know about you lot, but Jenny Humphrey's departure from the show was probably the best thing she ever did for Gossip Girl

Taylor Doose - 'Gilmore Girls'

After rewatching Gilmore Girls a second time, I realized just how bothersome Taylor Doose really is. He was intrusive, demanding, and seemed to pop up everywhere. He never respected Luke's wishes, nor boundaries, and he did obnoxious, selfish things for no apparent reason – like when he went out of his way to be an obstacle in Lorelai's path while she tried to fulfill her lifelong dream.

Jane Villanueva - 'Jane the Virgin'

Let me preface this by saying I love Jane The Virgin; it's probably in my top three favorite shows on TV, and I loved Jane, too! Which is why I can admit to how annoying she was. Jane was a judgy, self-righteous person, who also cried about everything. And I mean everything. She constantly looked down on Rafael because he was rich and didn't come from a perfect family, and always meddled in other people's business, getting upset when things didn't go her way. Not to mention the fact that she strung Michael and Rafael along multiple times – yikes!

Arturo Roman - 'Money Heist'

Never has the world of television seen a character more vile and infuriating than Arturo Roman. Let's go over all the things he did: cheated on his wife, didn't care for Monica until someone else actually did, willingly placed himself in a hostage situation, and worst of all, he took advantage of a vulnerable woman. He also treated the other hostages like pawns in a game, constantly preyed on them, and forced them to do things they weren't comfortable with. There wasn't one thing Arturo did right.

Peyton Sawyer - 'One Tree Hill'

Peyton Sawyer was an integral part of One Tree Hill, but the girl had her flaws. She constantly played the victim, toyed around with Lucas, and hurt her BFF Brooke. Granted that Lucas wasn't the greatest either, but it was pretty awful that Peyton only realized she wanted Lucas when he was with Brooke, and then Lindsey. Her life wasn't easy, but I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say that her crappy attitude definitely didn't help.

Adam Carrington - 'Dynasty'

Adam Carrington definitely got the Carrington genes! He was selfish, cunning and scheming, but the one thing that set him apart from the rest of them is that he didn't know where to draw the line. Sure, Fallon had a pretty crappy relationship with both of her parents, but you didn't see her burn either one of their faces off, did you? Even when Steven found out he wasn't Blake's son, he didn't do anything crazy like burn down his father's vineyard. The list of awful things Adam has done is pretty long and, truthfully, he's always seemed pretty scary to me. Here's hoping he gets killed off, or something worse.

Zainab is a 4th-year journalism student from Dubai, UAE who is the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus at Ryerson. When she's not taking photos for her Instagram or petting dogs on the street, she's probably watching a rom-com on Netflix or journaling! Zainab loves The Bold Type and would love to work for a magazine in New York City someday! Zainab is a feminist and fierce advocate against social injustice - she hopes to use her platform and writing to create change in the world, one article at a time.
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