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8 Amazing Pick-Up Lines from ‘The Bachelor’ Premiere

The Bachelor is known for its wacky attention-grabbing antics, especially when the women make their first impressions stepping out of the limo. As if we ever doubted it, this week’s premiere with its introductions of the newest crop (pun intended!) of gals did not disappoint! We compiled some of the zaniest lines we heard from the ladies vying for farmer Chris Soules’ heart and just had to share them with you below. Feel free to use these the next time you need a good pick-up line. We guarantee at least a double take!


Britt’s love of hugs and compassion for giving them away landed her the first kiss of the season. We’re not sure if that’s a look of guilt for locking lips with the Bachelor the same day she met him or a sly glimpse of her competitiveness peeking through.

Best Line: “I already know I like you so I have a leg up.”

Rebuttal: Okay… but how do you know you like him? And don’t even bother with the “I watched Andi’s season” gimmick.


The princess-voiced fertility nurse gave a classic first impression (“I would not be here if it was not you”), but she pulled out the big guns once she got her one-on-one time.

Best Line: “I make babies every day.”

Rebuttal: Wow. We’re guessing this will probably be the most controversial thing Whitney says all season. Because she’s definitely been saving that one for a while!


Kelsey seems like the most sane of the bunch at this point with her rom-com worthy conversation starters and her short haircut—a welcome change to the endless series of extensions we see every season!

Best Line: “I was so nervous getting out of the limo, and then I step out and I see you and suddenly I’m not so nervous anymore.”

Rebuttal: Are we the only ones who know for a fact that are nerves would be going up the closer we get to the dreamy country boy for the first time?


We bet you were just as charmed by Tara’s plain Jane cowgirl getup as Chris, who allowed her to stay another week despite her drunken escapades, was. But will her transparency be enough in the long run?

Best Line: “This is me.”

Rebuttal: Actually, if we didn’t know better, we would think we’d be seeing the real you a bit later in the night. After a few too many drinks.


While the thought behind this ruse was sweet, this secret admirer’s note read more like a ransom letter than a love note. Didn’t she see the signs?

Best Line: “Chris, please turn away from the limo and close your eyes. Hugs and kisses.”

Rebuttal: Should he also gather some unmarked bills for you while he’s at it?


If you just don’t know how to approach that cute guy you’ve been obsessing about, why not try dressing up as his favorite farm animal?

Best Line: “I wanted to ham it up for you… Plus I love pigs. Oink, oink.”

Rebuttal: This is a direct quote. Not even kidding. And now we think we’ve said enough about this situation.


Kaitlyn was hilarious from the start, even if she did lead with her most shocking joke. We think her humor will go a long way with Chris and loosen him up from the awkwardness of the Bachelor process.

Best Line: “I know you’re a farmer, and you can plow the f—k out of my field any day.”

Rebuttal: Bold? Yes. Did it need to be said? Also, yes. This was bound to come up at some point in the season, so we’re glad Kaitlyn let it fly.

Ashley S.

Where do we begin with Ashley? Can she please just stick around for the whole season, if only just to provide her vivid commentary? You have to admit she’s not totally off with her onion theory.

Best Line: “If it’s a pomegranate, then God bless it!”

Rebuttal: It may not be a pick-up line, but we’ll definitely be quoting this for the foreseeable future!

This looks like it’s going to be a fun group of ladies for Chris to choose from in one of the most dramatic seasons… sorry, we won’t delve into Chris Harrison’s territory! Which line was your favorite from the premiere? Will you be using any of these quotes as pick-up lines?

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