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7 Truth Bombs Chad Dropped During Men Tell All

For some reason, last night’s Men Tell All episode of The Bachelorette seemed to be more about Chad than JoJo. And isn’t she the one the show is about? Either way, Chad stole the show and with good reason. He dished out numerous insulting comments, outbursts and some serious truth bombs. Here are seven things he revealed last night that we totally did not see coming.

1. He hooked up with Robby and Grant’s ex-girlfriends

As if being a total jerk on the show wasn’t bad enough, Chad had to go home and get together with both Robby and Grant’s exes. Now that’s low. According to Chad’s Instagram and what he said last night, Grant apparently used his ex-girlfriend’s job (she’s a reality TV producer) to get on the show and then promptly broke up with her.

2. Robby broke up with his girlfriend days before filming

Chad’s statements do match up with the drama that happened on the show. Apparently, Robby broke up with Hope days before filming, and Chad is standing by that, no matter what Robby says. And because Chad has no shame, he posted a pic of himself making out with Hope on Instagram just to make a point. Ruthless.

3. Jordan is a “liar and a cheater”

While Chad was going off on the final two contestants and “wishing JoJo luck and happiness,” he also happened to throw in a few insults. He claimed that Jordan is actually not a good person at all and is instead a liar and a cheater. He also recommended that JoJo watch her back. Oh boy. 

4. Evan pushed Chad

This was probably the most redeeming moment of the whole night for Chad. When Chris Harrison decided to play back the footage of Chad ripping Evan’s shirt, it actually became quite evident that Evan did, in fact, push Chad. While Evan probably didn’t deserve getting his shirt ripped, it wasn’t totally uncalled for. Thanks, Chris, for revealing the truth!

5. Robby threatened his ex

According to Chad, Robby threatened his ex-girlfriend, saying that she couldn’t talk to any press, do interviews, etc. or something bad would happen. Chad didn’t go into detail and explain what exactly he meant by that because he probably knows that’s a pretty serious claim to make. But it does raise a lot of questions.

6. Jordan “played” him

Last night, Chad also revealed that him and Jordan actually sort of used to get along—that is, until the cameras started rolling. Chad said that he would be having a nice conversation with Jordan and suddenly Jordan would turn on him. If that isn’t sketchy, then we don’t know what is…

7. Chase’s pocket square didn’t match his shirt

Not quite a truth bomb but definitely hilarious. Thanks, Chad, for pointing out something we would have never noticed.

Keep doing you, dude. But frankly, we would really like to see less of you. Bye.

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