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The 7 Stages of Britt’s Meltdown on ‘The Bachelor’

Let’s dive right in! With two new episodes of The Bachelor airing this week, there was bound to be a lot going on. But that doesn’t even begin to describe the multitude of shockers on the agenda. We had Jade revealing her Playboy past, hometown dates, Carly’s mission to take down one of the girls, and the one that left us completely speechless: Britt’s sudden fall from grace. Below, we’re breaking down the stages of her major meltdown.

1. Jealousy

Britt was on top of the world last week after getting the group date rose and a chance to dance on stage at a Big & Rich concert. Fast forward to Sunday night’s episode when Jade was recounting her trip to Chris’s hometown of Arlington, Iowa. Oh man, here come the tears. And in what would become Britt’s next mistake, she and the other ladies decided to take a road trip to Arlington, which proved to be less than what she expected.

2. Disappointment

When Britt imagined Chris’s quaint little town, she wasn’t quite picturing anything this small. But don’t fret, Chris! According to Britt, it only took a sunset to change her mind…and a boatload of reassurance that she was the only one for you!

3. Lying

Shifting from complaints about how hard the week had been for her to declarations of love for Chris’s hometown, we just couldn’t grasp what Britt was actually feeling. And neither could Chris apparently since he fell for her sweet compliments of Arlington—right up until Carly revealed Britt’s hesitations.

4. Cockiness

Britt went into the group date confident she would be getting a hometown date, but she wasn’t exactly sure she was ready to invite Chris to meet her family—regardless of whether or not he offered. Are we the only ones who get annoyed when the women seemingly refuse the Bachelor the chance to meet their loved ones? Like they didn’t know that come final four, this would be happening?

5. Insecurity

Later in the evening, Britt’s confidence faltered as Chris gave the rose to Kaitlyn. As if this in some way slandered the quality of her relationship with Chris and refuted his desire to meet her family, Britt broke down in front of Chris, Carly, and Kaitlyn. In the process of disclosing plenty of thoughts that should have been kept private, she finally showed Chris the side of herself that the girls despised.

6. Defeat

In a move we’ll never understand, Britt decided to pack her things and excuse herself from the competition. Well, at least she discussed it with the girls the day before the rose ceremony. Because Britt had just told Chris she wanted to be his wife and the mother of his unborn children, we were baffled by her sudden yearning to dart out right before hometowns—especially since she was practically guaranteed the rose… before her meltdown, that is.

7. Pride

Britt couldn’t stand the thought of Chris not giving her a rose, so she pulled him aside before the ceremony to say her goodbyes. And though Britt thought she was in control of the conversation, Chris put her in her place and left her in well-deserved tears. We couldn’t help but notice she was more upset by Carly’s betrayal than Chris sending her home.

Do you think Britt’s reaction was justified or over-the-top, collegiettes?

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