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7 Reasons We’re Mourning the Loss of Jared Leto’s Long Locks

March 2, 2015 is a day that will now forever live in infamy. On this fateful Monday, Jared Leto, also known as Hollywood’s gift to humanity, had his perfectly coiffed tresses cut off by the director of the film he’s about to start working on. No ladies, not a trim, but a complete annihilation. Though the blasphemous act is technically justified, we can’t really begin to fathom life without a long-haired Leto. Here’s why. (Warning: you will want to have a box of tissues nearby.)

1. He was the master of the hair flip. And guess what? You most certainly can’t do a hair flip with short hair.

2. His ombré tresses really were better than anyone else’s. How enviable is that flawless fade?

3. He won’t be able to rock a fedora like this ever again (or at least until he grows out his hair again, which he’d better).

4. He had our hearts palpitating with his unparalleled man bun (See below and remember to breathe). Seriously, he opened the door for other men out there to realize that they too, could achieve this heavenly look—or at least try to.

5. Because the risk of seeing him don this high-school-boy-who-rolled-out-of-bed-look again is now higher and it was just never a good look. Sorry J.

6. With his long hair, he owned having a bad hair day and gave us the power to accept that it happens sometimes. 

7. He sported a suit and his hair down like no other. The only person who can replace Jared Leto’s 2015 Oscar look is Jared Leto in 2016… when his hair will hopefully be back to its former glory.

So in one last parting message to his departed locks: It’s not “goodbye,” it’s “I’ll see you later.”

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