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7 Cringe-Worthy Moments From Arie’s Season on ‘The Bachelor’

*In my best Chris Harrison impersonation* Ladies, it’s the final rose.

Tonight marks the end of Arie’s era on The Bachelor with the long-awaited season finale premiering in two parts. After Caroline said some pretty heart-stopping things on “The Women Tell All” episode last week, the internet has been in a frenzy about the supposedly shocking outcome of Arie’s time on The Bachelor. In anticipation for tonight’s episode, let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember some of the cringiest moments from this season, shall we?

1. When Tia meets Arie for the first time and makes a pun about his penis

I loved Tia’s honest and down-to-earth personality, but I definitely won’t be using her pickup line or the tiny rubber weiner she paired with it. (Where do you even get a fun-sized one, Oriental Trading??)

2. When Arie awkwardly comforts Annaliese after she relives her traumatic bumper car experience

I know we all got scared of silly things as kids (*clears throat* oven timers), but we’re eventually supposed to grow out of those fears, right? I’m surprised Arie didn’t start cracking up while a grown woman sobbed about being bumped in bumper cars.

3. When Arie licked a bowling ball like it was soft-serve ice cream

Umm…didn’t his parents teach him basic hygiene? I know he said he barely got through high school, but health class isn’t all that complicated. I’m cringing just thinking about his kissing other girls after that date.

4. When Jenna almost drank a cup full of urine on a group date

If she’s willing to endure such an acidic taste for Arie’s attention, I’m pretty sure this girl can survive on Naked and Afraid, if it meant a proposal at the end. I just can’t imagine what was going through Arie’s head as she went to take a sip.

5. When Arie refused to kiss Annaliese after she worked up the courage to ask him

It’s one thing to get rejected by a guy who doesn’t like you, but Arie’s decision not to give Annaliese even a peck just makes me want to slap him dramatically across the face.

6. When Lauren B. and Marikh’s wrestling match started getting steamy  

I wasn’t sure what to think about it then. I’m still not sure what to think about it now. The whole date was kind of strange, and these ladies got into character a little too well for my taste.

7. When Arie and Krystal reunited on “The Women Tell All”

You could cut the cold tension between these two former lovebirds with a knife. Despite their past chemistry, I almost got the sense that Arie felt repulsed by Krystal when she spoke about her unexpected freakout at the bowling date.

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