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6 New Things We Learned About The Black Hood on ‘Riverdale’

This week’s episode of Riverdale proved to be another solid one, offering a fair share of Bughead, sass from Cheryl and an introduction to the Southside High Serpents. Aside from that, we finally got to learn even more important details that give insight into who The Black Hood is and why he’s attacking people in Riverdale. Here’s what we learned about The Black Hood this week.

1. He was described as having blank eyes, like the devil’s.

Even though Archie vividly remembers the shooter at Pop’s having green eyes, Midge said, based on her encounter, his eyes were blank. 

2. He kept Fred Andrews’ wallet as evidence.

Spoiler alert: The Black Hood did in fact steal Fred’s wallet after shooting him. But he kept it as evidence of his identity. When he mailed Alice Cooper a letter stating his intentions, he included the wallet to prove he’s the one who shot Fred. 

3. The villain also took another item from one of his victims: Ms. Grundy’s heart-shaped sunglasses. 

Further proof of his identity that he also included in his package to Alice.

4. He sent Alice a letter (sort of) explaining why he’s been attacking people. 

The Black Hood believes that Riverdale is a town filled with hypocrites, degenerates and sinners. Which explains why he went after his past victims: the “adulterer” (Fred), the “child predator” (Ms. Grundy) and the “drug- and sex-addicted teenagers” (Moose and Midge). He wants to rid the town of its sinners.

5. The Black Hood wants Riverdale to fear him, so he asked the Coopers to publish his letter.

That’s why he sent Alice the letter. And she had no problem putting it on the front page of the paper. 

6. Aside from inciting fear, he’s making enemies.

And with the Red Circle, Archie is ready to be on the offensive. 

If The Black Hood continues attacking people who he believes to be sinners and criminals, this may turn out to be a gruesome season. Because let’s face it—most people in Riverdale are guilty of keeping secrets. 

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