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6 Insane Things That Have Happened to People Playing Pokémon Go

As if people weren’t already buried in their phones enough, the latest app craze—Pokémon Go—has fans even more glued to their screens. The interactive game, which allows you to go out into the real world to collect Pokémon, became a sensation overnight, with millions of users completely obsessed. So obsessed, actually, that it’s gotten many into some sticky and weird AF situations.

1. People are getting robbed

According to STL Today, four teenagers were caught robbing players of the game in popular game locations. At first, the O’Fallon police department in Missouri thought that the robbers were trying to lure people to the robbery locations through the game but now they believe that “the robbers used their knowledge of the game to ambush victims at spots they knew would draw players” and locations that were relatively secluded. Oh boy. 

2. Someone found a dead body

Shayla Wiggins was just having a normal day of catching virtual creatures when instead, she found a body lying face down in a river. “I woke up this morning and I wanted to go get a water Pokémon, so I just got up and went for my little walk, a walk to catch Pokémon,” Wiggins told ABC news. But unfortunately, that walk was interrupted by having to call 911 to report a dead body. Casual. But don’t worry, Wiggins says that she’s still interested in catching a water Pokémon. You do you, girl. 

3. Pokémon are showing up in toilet stalls, graveyards, and strip clubs…

The app has been taking players to some weird locations. Just see for yourself. 

4. One woman caught her boyfriend cheating

Damn, is there anything this game can’t do? This guy’s girlfriend found out he was cheating on her when the geolocation feature revealed that he’d caught a Pokémon while at his ex’s house. Apparently, he regrets making the decision to play the game while he was there. If that’s his biggest regret… well, girl, you dodged a bullet there.

5. Players are literally getting injured

News flash: if you’re spending all your time staring at your phone screen, chances are, you’ll miss what’s happening in the real world. And the repercussions could be serious—the game has resulted in actual injuries. One guy cut his hand after falling off his skateboard; a woman sprained her ankle after falling into a hole; and the list goes on. Stay safe, you guys.

6. People are hiring drivers to take them to hot spots

Catching Pokémon has become such a priority that players are now willing to pay people to drive them around the city to find the virtual creatures. Drivers are being sourced all sorts of ways—via Uber, Lyft and Craigslist. The demand is so high, in fact, that entrepreneurs have come together to offer services specifically for this purpose. Don’t have time to catch your own Pokémon? Don’t worry—send your phone off with PokéWalk, and they’ll do the work for you! Prices start at $10, and increase with distance covered.

Welcome to 2016, everybody.

Isabel is a currently the Evening & Weekend Editor at Her Campus and a student at New York University in the Global Liberal Studies program with a concentration in Contemporary Culture and Creative Production. When she is not watching Gilmore Girls or playing with puppies at the local pet store, she spends her time freelancing for numerous publications about celebrities and life. You can find her work on the websites of Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Seventeen, Elle, and Buzzfeed. Follow her on Instagram at @isabelcalkins.
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