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The 6 Best Moments From Full House

If watching Full House reruns is your guilty pleasure, you’re not alone. We too (not-so) secretly know all the words to the show’s theme song and find ourselves sporadically saying, “You got it, dude.” Most of the show’s episodes have many things in common: Michelle says something sassy, there’s a family heart-to-heart and Joey says, “Cut it out.” However, this sitcom does have several standout moments that have stuck with us over the years. To honor “Throwback Thursday,” check out our six favorite moments from Full House.

1. Jesse’s “Forever” Music Video

Sorry Joey and Danny, Jesse Katsopolis is this show’s heartthrob—we still swoon over John Stamos’s character whenever we watch reruns. Our favorite Jesse moment? His “Forever” music video, obviously. Instead of succumbing to the big-shot music executives, Katsopolis ditched the harem pants and created an adorable video. Not to mention the lyrics are super romantic. “If every word I said could make you laugh, I’d talk forever.” Aw Jesse, you’re making us blush!

2. Kimmy’s Wild Night

Be honest: whenever you see a collegiette who has had one too many cocktails, you can’t help but remember Kimmy Gibbler’s less-than-fabulous drinking experience. Even though DJ’s sidekick thought she was the life of the party, it turns out that Gibbler made a complete fool out of herself. Though many collegiettes started watching Full House before drinking was even a temptation,  this iconic scenario taught us a valuable lesson—always keep it classy.

3. Becky and Jesse Get Married

Unfortunately, our dreams of becoming Mrs. Jesse Katsopolis came to a screeching halt when he married Becky, Danny’s Wake Up, San Francisco co-host. In true Full House fashion, this wedding didn’t go off without a hitch. In addition to skydiving, Jesse also ends up in jail before the nuptials. But all’s well that ends well: the two exchange vows and live happily ever after. Years later, we’re still a little jealous of Becky.

4. The Full House Boys Learn a Valuable Lesson

“No, those jeans don’t make you look fat.” It’s no secret that guys sometimes tell their girlfriends what they think she wants to hear—Full House is even aware of these vicious lies! Since the show always teaches us lifelong lessons, Full House’s writers dedicated a whole plotline to this relationship faux pas. Vicky, Becky and DJ decided to play a trick on their respective beaus: each leading lady sported less-than-fabulous looks so they could see how the guys would react. It wasn’t until DJ showed up with clownish makeup did Steve tell her the truth. Kudos to Steve—we would’ve wanted our boyfriend to tell us if our makeup was too much!

5. The Full House Cast Goes to Disney World

As expected, Full House and Disney World was a match made in heaven. Between Joey and Jesse reporting underwater, Danny proposing to Vicky and Michelle earning three wishes, this plotline had the perfect blend of Disney magic and Full House’s classic family-friendly appeal. Let’s not forget that the whole family gets to ride on the float with Mickey Mouse. Um, we’re jealous.

6.  The Newlyweds Game: Full House Edition

Leave it to Full House to give this classic game show a modern and comedic twist. Even though DJ and Becky didn’t know everything about Steve and Jesse (respectively), we loved how Danny’s “psuedo girlfriend” got every question right . Not to mention Joey makes an excellent game show host. Unfortunately, this episode wasn’t all laughs. The 30 minute program ended with Vicky landing and job in New York. Translation? She and Danny had a tearful breakup. 

Did we miss one of your favorite Full House memories? Sound off below! 

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