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When the weather forecast reads a number lower than the age you got your driver’s license, there is absolutely nothing better than throwing on cozy pajamas and socks, grabbing a bag of popcorn or chips, and unapologetically bingeing on your favorite TV series.

Prior to this year, I’d been a pretty dedicated film fanatic. Thanks to a class I took this past semester (and a newly acquired Netflix subscription), I have now become a TV nut. There is something very rewarding about finishing a series, and I can proudly say I have finished quite a few over the past couple years. While I am by no means an expert, here are five TV shows that I strongly recommend bingeing on this winter.

1. 30 Rock (available on Netflix)

Considering Tina Fey is quite an idol of mine, I figured it was about time I got this show under my belt. The humor is completely weird and awkward and odd, but that is what makes the show so wonderful. It was very easy to fly through the first season, and I am quickly making my way through more (but have been slightly stalled by recommendation #2).

2. Orphan Black (available on BBC America’s website)

WOW, this show has completely captured me. If you are interested in conspiracy, geeky science, badass female leads, and action oriented stories, do yourself a favor and watch this show. I have somehow managed to breeze through 2 and a half seasons in a few days…enough said.

3. New Girl (available on Netflix)

I strongly believe that I would not have survived fall semester without the help of this show. The characters are goofy, fun, and stupid, yet lovable and relatable at the same time. While it bears many similarities to other sitcoms I’ve watched, I still find it enjoyable and easy to binge-watch. It’s currently on the sixth season, so you could totally catch up in no time.

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