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5 Reasons We Secretly Wish Tony Would’ve Stuck Around on ‘The Bachelorette’

Look, Tony is clearly not for Kaitlyn. It doesn’t take a spiritual awakening to discover that. But man was he entertaining. For that reason, we would like to award him the first annual Ashley S. award for his bravery in sumo wrestling, devotion to plant life, and his black-eyed brazenness. Tony left far too soon on last night’s episode, but that’s not to say he didn’t make the most of his time on The Bachelorette. Below, we’re mapping out 5 reasons we wish he would’ve stayed just a bit longer. Cue the sarcasm…

1. He fights for men’s rights

Tony was totally into sumo wrestling a 400-pound world champion…until he humiliated himself in front of the guys, Kaitlyn, and all of America. But he’s also the first guy we can recall to stand up for men’s rights in a blatantly sexist group date environment. And there were so many other scenarios he could’ve had this type of meltdown over. Born to be a game changer, Tony could’ve singlehandedly revolutionized this franchise.

2. He shows America the softer side of the male species

We never knew a man could be so sensitive until we met Tony. Talking to his bonsai trees is just the tip of the iceberg for this guy. And his ability to talk to women? Off the charts! Definitely talk about your connection with Britt to Kaitlyn during your one-on-one time.

3. He kills at stand-up

After training for this stand-up experience his whole life, the usually serious healer proved a higher power may have forgotten to gift him a funny bone. Can you imagine the laughter that would’ve been shared between he and Kaitlyn in the weeks to come?

4. His style is on point

Tony is nothing if not courageous. This nature hike-ready ensemble is unlike anything we’ve ever seen on a semi-formal group date. Sure, Kaitlyn’s wearing leather pants, but the stoner look compliments her sleek sophistication perfectly. Think the rest of the guys would agree to this major wardrobe downgrade?

5. The coveted zoo date

Who hasn’t sat watching The Bachelorette and thought how great a date to the zoo would be? We’re betting if Tony stuck around, the show would’ve made this animal-centric jaunt happen. And JJ would absolutely make the best elephant noise. No offense to elephants, of course!

What will you miss most about Tony, collegiettes? And what are the odds we’ll see him in Paradise? 

Erin was previously the Entertainment Editor of Her Campus. She graduated from Belmont University in 2015, where she studied English and Elementary Education. Before joining the team full-time, she was a national contributing blogger, viral content writer and editorial intern at HC. In addition to her work for Her Campus, Erin was formerly an editorial assistant at Nfocus Magazine and has been published by HelloGiggles and Man Repeller. In her free time, you can find Erin falling for yet another TV boyfriend (her long list of ex-lovers includes Nathan Scott, Chuck Bass and Pacey Witter, to name a few), reading chick lit and/or celeb memoirs and hanging with her puppy/soulmate, Cooper.