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5 Moments *Almost* as Dramatic as THAT Part from the ‘Bachelor’ Season 22 Finale

In case you (somehow) missed it, tonight’s Bachelor drama was, as Chris Harrison liked to put it (again and again), “unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.” While Arie ended up proposing to Becca and saying goodbye to Lauren, he went from being boring AF to being hated by pretty much the entirety of #BachelorNation by deciding to end his engagement to Becca on an uncut, unedited segment on the finale, explaining to her that he still has feelings for Lauren and wanted to pursue them — all while the cameras were rolling, refusing to leave, even when she asked him to multiple times.

Of course, there were also plenty of dramatic moments that lead up to the emotional roller coaster that was the episode’s ending — read on for a quick recap.

1. When Becca was forced to spend the majority of her time with Arie’s family talking about…Lauren

For some reason, literally not a single one of Arie’s family members got the memo that, when your brother/son is dating two women at once, it’s really awkward to bring one up in front of the other. Unfortunately for Becca, she met Arie’s family after Lauren and, for some reason (despite the fact that Arie’s family seemed to be super pro-Becca in the end), was forced to spend a large majority of her visit with them explaining what she thought of Lauren and whether they were friends. (Um, no?) Tears were involved.

2. Caroline spilling more ~tea~ on everything she knows about this season’s drama

So yes, we’ll totally own up to the fact that we have no idea which episode Caroline left on, and we really don’t remember much at all about her from this season. But when she was brought back again tonight to dish that, “What [Arie] did to both of them is just not fair. It’s unforgivable,” and basically roast him for not knowing what he wants, we have to admit that our ears totally perked up.

3. Bekah and Sienne throwing shade on live TV

Season 22 faves Bekah M. and Sienne deserve an award for blessing us all with what were pretty much the only enjoyable moments of the night. Not only did Sienne throw shade by saying she was, “doing the Krystal,” as an explanation for losing her voice, but Bekah M. continued the savagery via her not-so-subtle reaction to Chris Harrison telling her “it could have been her” getting engaged to Arie — which basically said it all.

“If you’re conflicted with this decision, then you shouldn’t propose,” Bekah said, and preach girl, PREACH.

4. Arie just standing there, knowing he’s about to break Lauren’s heart, while she professes her love for him

Things took a turn for the really awkward really fast when Arie went to break up with Lauren, only to spend an excessive amount of time just standing there while poor Lauren gave a lengthy monologue about how much she loves him — only afterward does he inform her that, nope, he’s actually breaking up with her. As if it’s supposed to make Lauren feel better, Arie informs her that he wasn’t even sure about the right decision until three hours ago, and makes things even more confusing by telling Lauren he loves her before putting her in her car. Yikes.

5. Arie’s less-than-enthusiastic face while proposing to Becca

In case it was unclear, no, this is definitely not how you want your fiance’s face to look when he’s proposing to you and telling you how much he loves you. Let’s just say Arie seemed a little less than thrilled about proposing to the woman he’s supposed to be spending the rest of his life with — and it definitely showed later on in the episode.

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