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5 GIF-Worthy Moments From the First Democratic Debate

If you saw Tuesday’s first Democratic presidential debate, you know there were some great moments. If you didn’t, don’t feel left out! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite moments just for you. Here’s your cheat sheet on what went down last night, that we know everyone will be talking about today.

1. Hillary Clinton defended Planned Parenthood and showed us that she knows how to debate.

2. Bernie Sanders defended Hillary and said America was “sick and tired of hearing about [her] damn emails.” 

This sparked the hashtag #DamnEmails that’s floating aroud social media.

3. Jim Webb kept running out of time and complaining that he wasn’t getting as much time as the other candidates.

4. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both said they want to make college more affordable.

5. All of the candidates seem to agree that climate change is a serious problem that we can’t ignore.

Who do you think won the debate, collegiettes?