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Last night’s Super Bowl may have been a little bit of a snooze fest (we were yawning our way through it by the second quarter), but everyone knows that the real competition on Super Bowl Sunday has nothing to do with the teams playing one another and everything to do with the dozens of commercials that are interspersed in between plays.  Every year it’s the commercials that are remembered more than the actual game…and we have the feeling that this year that will be especially true.  In case you didn’t watch (or actually fell asleep before Bruno Mars even came out), here are some of the best commercials from this year’s Super Bowl.

Best Night Ever

This unsuspecting, average dude gets to have the best night ever, complete with Minka Kelly, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and One Republic. Of course he was always surrounded by Bud Light.

Puppies and Ponies

This Budweiser commercial is adorable and heartwarming (and maybe our favorite of the whole game).  Two unlikely friends find their way back to each other even when things start to look grim.

It’s a Full House…literally

We are dying over all of the Full House reunions lately.  This commercial for Greek yogurt brings the gang back together…with Danny and Joey, naturally, ruining Uncle Jesse’s game.

Doritos Time Machine

This little kid dupes a chip-chomping adult, sending him to the future and stealing his Doritos.  Gotta love a kid who can outsmart someone five times his age.

David Beckham in his skivvies

Oh em gee can you blame us for drooling over this H&M ad with a nearly-nude David Beckham??  The guy gets hotter and hotter as he gets older.  


Did we get all the good ones or did we miss your favorite? Be sure to let us know!

Maddie is a senior at Boston College, where she spends her days fawning over literature and Art History textbooks. She was previously an editorial intern at Her Campus, and is now a HC contributing writer and blogger. Follow her on twitter @madschmitz for a collection of vaguely amusing tweets. 
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