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4 People Have Been Charged For Torturing a Disabled Man in Disturbing ‘Fuck Trump’ Facebook Live Video

A disturbing Facebook live video was broadcast Tuesday of four people in Chicago torturing an 18-year-old mentally disabled man as they shouted “fuck trump” and “fuck white people.” Those in the video have now been arrested and have received kidnapping and hate crime charges, according to The Chicago Tribune.

The video shows a young black woman smoking and laughing as she films herself and then switches the camera to the victim, who was tied up and silenced with tape placed over his mouth.

Lasting nearly half an hour, the woman films three other young people, who are also black, torturing the young man as they rip his clothes with a knife, cut his scalp to the point of bleeding, and shout obscenities. Throughout the video the teens are laughing as they verbally and physically harass the young man. They punch him and stomp his head several times.

After the first video, a roughly 2-minute one shows the teens continuing to abuse him as they threaten him with a knife until he kisses the floor and says, “fuck Donald Trump.”

The four people held the man for hours against his will, according to the Chicago Police Department at a press conference.

“They’re young adults. And they make stupid decisions,” Area North Cmdr. Kevin Duffin said of the perpetrators at the press conference. “That certainly will be part of whether or not we seek a hate crime to determine whether this is sincere or just stupid ranting and raving.”

But on Thursday afternoon, Jordan Hill, Tesfaye Cooper and Brittany Covington, who are all 18 years old, and Tanishia Covington, who is 24, were charged with committing hate crimes.

According to the Tribune, the young man went missing Monday and was found wandering the streets Tuesday after the live videos were posted and then treated at hospital. Later he was released to his parents. The police also said that the victim has been traumatized by the crime and is finding it hard to communicate.

The Guardian reports that a Facebook spokesperson said Facebook had removed the original video but would allow the community to share it in order to condemn the violence.

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