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25 Things All ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Can Agree On

In all these seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, did you ever watch an episode where you didn’t experience a wide range of emotions, from yelling at the top of your lungs to crying hysterically at your TV? No? That’s what we thought. Here are 25 things all true fans of the show can agree on. 

1. McDreamy never should’ve died

This is completely unforgivable!

2. Neither should have Mark and Lexie  


3. Izzie is never coming back, and we’re okay with that 

4. Arizona and Callie need to get back together 

5. What was with that musical episode? Least favorite one, for sure. 

6. Dr. Webber and Jackson’s mom…yuck 

7. Hunt sucks for cheating on Cristina 

8. April running off with Jackson on her wedding day to that paramedic boyfriend was the best thing ever 

9. We all wept when Arizona cheated on Callie. Literally why?!

10. Jo should’ve just told Alex the truth from the beginning 

11. You were devastated when George didn’t pass his intern exam 

12. Denny Duquette broke everyone’s heart 

13. Why the hell is Leah Murphy back? 

14. Meredith and Derek getting married via Post-it note—um, it would have been nice to see an actual wedding! 

15. How disappointing it was to see April pick going overseas instead of her husband 

16. Cristina leaving Seattle was probably worse than McDreamy dying

Okay, maybe not, but close to it.

17. April Kepner IS the most annoying character 

18. Those interns—ugh!

19. That Denny Duquette ghost sex scene was just plain weird 

20. Wishing everyone would just STOP CHEATING 

21. Ellis Grey was a monster

22. Jackson’s mom is super annoying

23. Being personally victimized by Shonda Rhimes 

24. Thirteen seasons is not too long. Keep ’em coming. 

25. When the series finale does come around, IT’S GOING TO BE EPIC!

Aleixka has a B.A. in Media Arts and Design and a minor in Spanish from James Madison University. She loves all things books, traveling, food, and photography.
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