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25 Reactions You Have When Someone Tells You They’re Voting for Trump

This campaign season has been one of the most shocking and craziest in American history. While we all have different opinions about who is best suited for the presidency, many eligible voters agree Trump is the worst candidate we’ve ever seen. It can be shocking to learn a family member, friend or acquaintance is voting for a guy who said you need to grab women by the pussy, especially when you’re strongly against him and what he stands for. Here are some reactions and thoughts you’ll definitely have when you realize someone is voting for Trump. 

1. “Hahaha nice joke!” 

“This is a joke, right?” 

2. “Wait, you’re not really voting for him?”

“Be serious with me for a second.” 

3. “You can’t be serious?!” 


4. “I refuse to believe you!!” 

*shakes head in disbelief* 

5. “Is this because you’re a Republican or you actually support his campaign?” 

“There’s still time to explain yourself.” 

6. “I feel like I don’t know anything about you anymore.”

“To say this was a surprise is an understatement.” 

7. “How do you take anything he says seriously?”

“Especially when he refers to women as fat and nasty. ALL. THE. TIME.” 

8. “If I said any of the things he did, you’d stop being friends with me.”

“Just think about it.” 

9. “My mission in life is now to convince you not to vote for him.”

“I have purpose now!” 

10. “Does this mean you’re racist?”

“This is such an uncomfortable question.” 

11. “You can’t seriously think building a wall is going to do any good.”

“It’s both unrealistic and has incredibly racist motives.” 

12. “Don’t you care about women’s rights?”

“If you tell me you’re against feminism, this friendship won’t survive.” 

13. “Because no, Donald Trump is not a feminist.”


14. “Please don’t tell me you really bought all of that ‘locker room talk’ nonsense.”

“Because that’s total B.S.” 

15. “If Trump is elected, I’m moving to Canada.” 

“They have poutine, beavers and a really good-looking prime minister—plus no Trump!” 

16. “Trudeau seems to know what he’s doing.” 

“Canadians have it good.”  

17. “Isn’t everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth worse than anything Hillary has done?”

“Please try to convince me otherwise.” 

18. “Even if you don’t like Clinton, why not vote for a third-party candidate?” 

“There’s still time!” 

19. “Someone with that bad of a tan shouldn’t be president.” 

“A tan can say a lot about a person.” 

20. “And someone with those awful world views definitely shouldn’t be president.”  

“It’s the truth.” 

21. “Are your parents pressuring you to vote for him?” 

“You can tell me!” 

22. “Do you think his hair is real or fake?”

“Seriously, though.” 

23. “So this is seriously not a joke?”

“I won’t be mad if you just say you’re kidding.” 

24. “We have really different political views.”

“And that might be an understatement.” 

25. “I really just don’t understand how you can vote for Trump.” 

“Sorry, not sorry.” 

It’s important to respect everyone’s political beliefs, but it’s also okay to speak up if you disagree with someone’s outlook (in a respectful way, of course). While you may be shocked and confused after finding out someone is voting for Trump come election day, the most important thing for you to do is to get out there and VOTE.

Alexandra is in her fourth and final year at McGill University, studying Joint Honors Political Science and Philosophy with a minor in Sexual Diversity Studies. She is a self-described coffee addict and Netflix junkie. Alexandra is passionate about sassy comebacks, collecting mason jars, and her hair straighenter. In her spare time she enjoys binge watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and shopping as a sport. Follow her sarcastic pursuits on Twitter @AlmostAlexandra and her obsession with filters on Instagram @alexandrasakellariou.