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The 2018 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony Will Be Themed ‘The Next Wave’

The 2018 Winter Olympics were exhilarating, and the athletes were incredible and fearless. Of the 21 medals that Team USA had brought home, 12 of them were won by Team USA’s golden girls, and the female athletes won five out of the eight gold medals brought home by Team USA. Shaun White also won Team USA’s 100th all-time Winter Olympics gold medal. Mirai Nagasu was the first American woman to ever land a triple axel at the Olympic games, and Team USA’s women’s hockey team brought home their first gold medal in 20 years.

But like everything good, it must come to an end. The Closing Ceremony to this exciting Winter Olympics will take place on Sunday at 8 p.m. local time (6 a.m. ET). The theme for PeyongChang’s closing ceremony is “The Next Wave,” which will show the “human spirit of perseverance,” ABC News reports.

According to CBS Sports, the Closing Ceremony, like the Opening Ceremony, will weave South Korea’s culture into the the celebration. In an official press release, it said that the ceremony will combine music, art and dance, and would be “somewhat interactive, allowing spectators to both get involved and stay warm.”

Oh Jang-hwan, director of ceremonies for the Pyeongchang 2018 organizing committee, said the Closing Ceremony will have “festival atmosphere to recognize and celebrate the athletes’ hard work and achievements at the games.”

In an interview published on the Olympics website, Oh said, “We have created a show that looks toward the future; it includes quite a lot of traditional Korean humor and fun elements to add to the party feel.”

While the Opening Ceremony focused on peace and tradition, the Closing Ceremony will focus more on South Korea’s modernity.

According to ABC News, K-pop boy group EXO and solo singer CL are said to be among some of the stars performing at the Closing Ceremony.  

President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, will be at the Closing Ceremony, leading the U.S. presidential delegation, which will also include White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, ABC News reports.

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