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20 Inspiring & Important Tweets On Transgender Day Of Visibility

Today is Trans Day of Visibility, an annual day about celebrating the incredible achievements made by trans people around the world. It also aims to increase awareness and visibility of the trans community and fight cissexism and transphobia, which, very unfortunately, continue to exist. Eighty percent of students don’t feel safe in their schools because of their identified gender—and no one should ever have to feel that way. 

It is so important—today and everyday—to take a stand and show support for the trans community. We’ve rounded up some of the most inspiring tweets that highlight the power of Trans Day of Visibility and why we need to continue pushing for trans visibility and equality.

This year’s theme is #TransResistance, because it is crucial to actively fight against transphobia; especially given that the current political landscape has not proven progressive on trans rights (aka human rights). Use the hashtags #TransResistance and #TDOV to share your voice!

Nicole Hui is an Editorial Intern for Her Campus and Campus Chapter Team Member. She is a junior Media Studies student minoring in Commerce and a Gamma Phi Beta at the University of British Columbia. When she's not searching for the next wave to surf or story to cover, she can be found travelling, exploring the great outdoors, eating popcorn, or capturing the world around her, through writing and photography. After graduation, she aspires to work for an online publication or magazine. Follow her adventures on Instagram @nicolehuui.
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