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18 Reasons We’re Thankful We’re NOT The Bachelorette

It’s your secret guilty pleasure…that you make very public by freaking out about it on social media. Yes, we are talking about The Bachelorette (although the Kardashians would have probably fit that description as well) and we just have one thing to say: Thank goodness we aren’t her.

What would be so bad about being The Bachelorette? Glad you asked:

1. Having all of your breakups broadcast on national television

Like, why would you volunteer for that?

2. …and always being the one who does the dumping

Not saying we would rather be broken up with than do the breaking up, but being responsible for sending a guy home every week? Sounds stressful.

3. Having to let down 25 guys within an extremely short time frame

She has got to be setting some type of record. Somebody call Guinness.

4.  The cameras that follow you (everywhere!)

Privacy is nonexistent.

5. And perfectly capture your awkward “I just got dissed” moments

Obviously, all the worst moments are going to be aired.

6. …yep, all of them

Isn’t the Bachelorette supposed to be the one breaking hearts?

7. Getting sl*tshamed by the media

Really? Come on.

8. Having to go on group dates and juggle multiple guys at once

Could you even remember that many guys’ names…?

9. Which means taking part in awkward group date activities

You probably have to practice faking a good time.

10. Or just having to do really ridiculous and questionable things  

No, sorry, dinner and a movie won’t cut it here on The Bachelorette. We’re just going to fake a wake. How romantic.

11. Not being able to tell your best friend the moment something happens in your relationship

In fact, not being able to tell anyone anything at all until the show airs. How long can you keep stories of 25 different relationships from your bestie

12. Putting up with the duds for TV’s sake

If there’s no chemistry, there’s just no chemistry.

13. …and never being totally sure of whether they’re just in it for the fame

Good thing Chris Harrison always makes a point to question whether someone is “here for the right reasons.”

14. Not being able to tell the guy you love that you love him  

Because apparently this isn’t allowed until you’ve picked the final guy.

15. Knowing that you might have just sent home someone you could have had a shot with

You can’t exactly call someone back up and ask for a second chance once you’ve dumped them on national TV.

16. And never getting any closure when you go through a break up  

They literally just leave after the rose ceremony. Either that, or you leave them, alone, on the side of a cliff… because that happens in real life.

17. Having to stop yourself from flipping out because you have to keep it somewhat classy for TV

You just know her reaction would’ve been different if millions of viewers weren’t watching.

18. Oh and the pressure of finding the love of your life

On TV. In a matter of weeks. With guys that are pre-selected for you. Yeah, no thanks.

So maybe we aren’t going to stop watching The Bachelorette (because, let’s face it, it’s addicting), but we can say with certainty that we’ll stick to dating in real life (however difficult that can be sometimes)!

Malone Ryan is a junior at John Carroll University where she is majoring in IMC and PR and still trying to find a way to minor in memes and/or the study of Sephora. In addition to Her Campus, she has been published in several other print and online publications including USA TODAY College, The Village, Capital Style and more. An avid traveler, Malone has completed global intern and work experience in cities including Columbus, Cleveland, London and Rome. Learn more about Malone by following her Twitter @dylanmaloneryan or Instagram @maloneryan13