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17 Signs Your Obsession With ‘The Bachelorette’ Is Out of Control

Summer is in full swing, which means The Bachelorette season is upon us. Although we’re only a few weeks in, we already cannot wait to see what’s in store for Jojo–and CANNOT stop talking about it. Think you’ve caught The Bachelorette fever? Check out these symptoms!

1. You had a countdown to Monday, May 23rd programmed on your phone before the show started.

2. Monday nights are blocked off from any other activity.

“No, I can’t just DVR it!!”

3. Unless, of course, you or one of your friends is hosting a Bachelorette-themed party.

4. You spend hours on the phone after each episode analyzing Jojo’s choices.

5. Everyone in your office knows you won’t talk about anything else Tuesday morning.

6. You’re in a bracket.

…or maybe multiple.

7. You’ve asked your SO to take you in private jet to a romantic picnic next to the Golden Gate Bridge.

8. If they said no (shocker), you insisted on wearing this for a full day.

9. You bought a dozen red roses and practiced giving them out to fictional bachelors.

10. You’ve gotten into several heated arguments about Chad.

Why is he always eating?!

11. You read every pre-show and post-show article you can get your hands on.

12. …except for the spolier alerts.

13. You’ve filled out an application to be on the show.

…and you may have also sent it in.

14. You own at least one of these shirts, and wear it every Monday night.


15. When you found out the show wasn’t on week four, you felt completely hopeless…

16. …and may have even cried a little.

Okay, a lot.

17. But you’ve already made sure your roommates are going to be gone next Monday, so they don’t get mad at you for yelling at the TV. Again.

We’re counting down the days until Monday…and we know you are too!

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