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16 Things You Learn When You Live In Your Sorority House

Living in a sorority house is unlike any living experience known to women. While it can be chaotic to live in a house with excessive amounts of hormones, the memories and interesting experiences that you take out of it will stick with you for the rest of your life. In the reality of it, it can be stressful, but looking back you can't help but laugh at the good times, the bad times, and the unique times of living in.  Here are 16 things that you will learn when you live in your sorority house. 

1. You have one more Group-me chat to add to the far too many that your sorority already has

2. Your closet is everyone's closet

3. If you have a car at school you're automatically cool with everyone that doesn't 

4. Garbage accumulates faster than you ever thought was possible

5. A group of girls can come up with some pretty creative combinations of food at 3 a.m. 

6. You learn your friend's class schedules better than your own

7. The fomo studying on a Thursday night is way worse in your sorority house than it was in the dorms 

8. Everyone somehow ends up on the same period cycle.

9. When that happens, it is bloodier than a zombie apocalypse

10. You can't help but feel terrible for the person who has to clean your house

11. When you live with all of your friends, it gets really easy to tell who ended up having sex last night

12. It also makes it easier to catch them sneaking home the next morning

13. Meal times in the house are equivalent to the real life hunger games 

14. Girls are savage and possessive when it comes to food. 

15. There is no better feeling than having an entire house full of people to lean on

16. Even though you all get on each other's nerves every once in a while

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