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15 Signs You Are Still Obsessed With ‘Gossip Girl’ After All This Time

Though Gossip Girl‘s finale happened back in 2012, the fashion, drama and friendships are enough to last a lifetime. You’re clearly still obsessed (& we don’t blame you!) if you can relate to any of the following:

1. You still refer to Blake Lively as “Serena.” 

2. You refuse to believe there is anyone hotter than Chace Crawford. 

3. You still root for this relationship. 


4. You don’t understand how Blake Lively and Leighton Meester are already moms…

5. THIS was the wedding of the century. 

Sorry, Will and Kate.

6. You’re still searching for your very own Chuck Bass. 

He’s bad in the best way.

7. Wondering what happened to Nelly Yuki keeps you up at night. 

8. You will never forget the important lessons Blair taught you. 

9. You have vowed to never go near anyone who sounds or looks like Georgina. 

Because she’s crazy.

10. You are eager to know what Blair and Chuck’s son looks like now. 

It’s been five years!

11. You still think Cyrus is the sweetest stepdad ever. 

12. You will never forget the best line of the show. 

13. You hope to one day have a housekeeper (or a BFF) like Dorota.

14. Jenny will forever be up to no good.

15. The show’s opening is the best. 


XOXO, Collegiettes!

Molly graduated from University of Portland in 2017 with a major in English and a minor in Communication Studies. You can follow her on Instagram: @mollvincent