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15 Reasons Why You’re So Over This Season of ‘The Bachelor’

This season of The Bachelor had so much potential at its start. We thought that maybe—just maybe—longtime Bachelor Nation contestant Nick Viall would find love and we wouldn’t have to deal with feeling sorry for him anymore. Hmm, remember what that felt like?

Now with hometown dates out of the way, there’s still no clear frontrunner for Nick’s heart. Our Bachelor has proven to be pretty indecisive when it comes to finding love, perhaps explaining why he’s taken this long to end up with the right person. We could probably write an essay on why this is incredibly annoying, but instead we chose to break down the reasons why we’re so over this Bachelor season.

1. Rachel is still in the running, but now we know she has plans to be the farthest thing from Nick’s fiancée.

Come on, ABC. You made the right pick for the next Bachelorette, but did you have to announce the decision when Rachel was still on the show? Spoilers aren’t cool.

2. Nick is really, really awkward.

From avoiding eye contact with cameras and the ladies to general cringe-worthy moments, Nick is not exactly the suave Bachelor of our dreams.

3. Not to mention that he has the personality of a stick.

He’s definitely up there as one of the dullest Bachelors yet.

4. Plus, he turned us off early on thanks to the Liz fiasco.

Nick handled what could have been a huge deal quite timidly, and seeing mature yet boring decisions unfold isn’t the reason why we watch The Bachelor.

5. He’s yet to prove that his time within Bachelor Nation made him more prepared for this than usual Bachelors.

Luke Pell would’ve been much better, tbh.

6. This season might as well have been “The Corinne Show.”

Who doesn’t force themselves to tune in just for Corinne’s one-liners? We’re surprised she made it so far in the show before finally going home—could Nick have kept her around because he thought Corinne and Raquel are a package deal?

7. Worthier girls were sent home in favor of Corinne’s shenanigans.

I’m still Team Danielle M., just saying.

8. But there were contestants that we just couldn’t handle, like the very confused Alexis.

We should have taken this as a warning for how off-point this season would be.

9. The show STILL waits until the next episode to air rose ceremonies.

Episodes have usually ended with cliffhangers rather than elimination ceremonies for a few seasons now, and we’re still not used to it. Doesn’t everyone else forget what went down on last week’s episode?

10. These women are way too good to end up with Nick.

A recurring theme of hometown visits was the women struggling to explain Nick’s career to their families. He used to be a software salesman and now apparently runs a men’s grooming business, but these girls’ parents just weren’t having it. If that’s not a warning sign, what is?

11. There’s even more unnecessary drama than usual.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how insignificant was former Bachelorette Andi’s surprise appearance?

12. Nick’s little sister is on Round 3 as a selling point for marrying him.

Poor Bella. Hopefully this is the last time she and the rest of the Vialls have to pretend they’re okay with Nick finding love this way.

13. We’re fed up with bland Bachelors overall.

Was Ben Higgins any more entertaining than Nick has been? (No. Definitely no.)

14. Given the historic nature of Rachel’s new position, all we want to see is The Bachelorette.

It’s hard to still care about Nick when we just want to start rooting on Rachel’s journey to love.

15. The sooner Nick is off our TVs, the better.

We seriously just can’t even.

Kristen Perrone is a Siena College Class of 2018 alumna. She studied English during her time at Siena.