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13 Things Taylor Swift Could Be Announcing on Instagram Live Today at 5

The queen of ingenuity is back at it again. On Wednesday, June 12, Taylor Swift took to Instagram Stories to announce that on Thursday, June 13, she’d be taking to Instagram live to “fill (us) in on some stuff and things.” After months of hunting for clues surrounding the impending TS7, could our wait finally be over?

As usual, Swifties were left wondering, “What does this mean?” It’s time to face the ~ delicate ~ reality that Taylor’s announcement really could be anything. Here are 13 of our best theories:

She’s Using the Livestream to Announce a Later Announcement

A classic Taylor Swift move that will leave Swifites marking off their calendars yet again. Remember when she had us counting down to a countdown? What if she uses today to tell us the day she’ll actually announce an album title or tracklist?

She’s Using the Livestream to Give us a Mysterious Date

Seriously, the countdown to a countdown fear is real for Swifties. Too real. Taylor could take to Instagram to tell us a date to wait for with no details about what to expect. Kind of like the whole calendar thing, but IRL.

She’s Announcing The Next Snippet of TS7 News

We know TS7 is coming. At least, we think we do. You can never be too sure where Miss Swift is involved, but many hopeful fans believe Taylor could be dropping a brand new single (You Need to Calm Down?), announcing the album name (Lover?) or even releasing a song with Katy Perry. Could Taylor be taking it a step further and releasing her first visual album? Was the ME! music video part of a much larger story?

She’s Announcing Another New Member of the Family

After keeping the secret of adopting Benjamin Button for months, it wouldn’t surprise us one bit to see a fourth in the mix. Could Taylor have added one more cat to her purrfect trio?

She’s Saving the Cat-World By Opening a Cat Sanctuary

Perhaps Taylor is following in Ellen Degenerous’s footsteps and launching her own animal sanctuary. Obviously, it would be dedicated to cats. Obviously, it would be named ME!ow. Obviously, we want to be surrounded by cats right. Now.

She’s Announcing Some Love Related News

We don’t love to speculate about Taylor’s personal life because Taylor’s personal life is, well, personal, but we couldn’t get past this hot take. Taylor’s coy Instagram story has some fans thinking she may be announcing a major next step in her Love Story.

She’s Announcing Her Own Political Initiative

Taylor recently said she was working on finding her voice in the political sphere. Following a massively successful petition via change.org for the Equality Act, Taylor may be taking her activism a step further by introducing a new initiative.

She’s Pulled a Jojo and Re-Recorded Her Old Music

When Taylor made the switch to Universal Music Group, she had to leave the masters to everything she recorded with Big Machine behind. In order to maintain ownership over her old music, could we be getting A Place in this World 2k19? After all, she’s certainly found hers.

She’s Releasing New Music to Promo Cats

Cats, starring James Corden, Rebel Wilson, Idris Elba and of course, Taylor Swift, is slated to be released in December. Could Taylor be releasing an early song to get fans excited for the movie? Song of the summer: Cats edition.

She’s Announcing Her Broadway Debut

There isn’t much Taylor has yet to take on, but the Broadway stage is one of them. After successful guests spots on network television and a variety of roles in film over the year, it feels like it’s time to make the leap, doesn’t it? Our personal dream role for her? Jenna, in Waitress.

Taylor Swift: Singer, Actress, Director

Taylor’s acting resume boasts roles in CSI, Valentine’s Day, New Girl, The Giver and now Cats. Could Taylor be taking on a more challenging role, one that could put her up for an Oscar? Better yet, could she be filling a large gap in female representation in the Director’s Chair? Hello, EGOT!

She’s Literally Just Letting Us in on Some Day to Day Stuff

Well, she did say she wanted to fill us in on stuff and things that were going on. Maybe she just needs to let us know about her breakfast smoothie or her new candle. I wouldn’t even be mad!

She’s Explaining Why Nothing Happened on May 13

If you’re just tuning into the year’s Taylor Swift news, let me remind you quickly that the 2019 Taylor Swift calendar has wax seals on the 13th days of a number of months, which are assumed to be days of album-related importance. One of these seals was on May 13th, but as fans waited anxiously for an announcement, nothing came. Some fans wondered if the album had gotten off track, but we think Taylor’s too smart to mark a date as important if she wasn’t 100% sure it would be. Will today be the day we find out?

The only thing we know for sure is that we’ll be tuning into Taylor’s Instagram Live today at 5pm EST. In fact, we should probably head over there now just in case.

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