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13 Signs Kaitlyn & Shawn Were It From the Beginning

A few weeks ago, we were begging Kaitlyn to send Shawn home for his seemingly jealous and immature behavior. But he really turned things around during the finale, and we couldn’t be happier for the engaged(!) couple. We don’t know about you, but we really think we should’ve seen this coming.

1. He drew a heart around her face

If you dozed off during the After the Final Rose special, you may have missed this sweet story. Kaitlyn first caught Shawn’s eye when she was rejected by former Bachelor Chris Soules. So he adorably drew a heart around her face in a picture on Snapchat and proclaimed that he was coming for her. This is what reality TV dreams are made of.

2. It was love at first sight

Kaitlyn and Shawn have both talked about the instant connection they felt when Shawn stepped out of the limo. Coincidentally this happens to us all the time, too. Like when we see a hot guy, and we just know we’re going to marry him… until he starts talking. Gosh, why can’t we be as lucky as Kaitlyn?

3. He got the first impression rose

The people who get first impression roses rarely end up engaged when this is all said and done, but we like to think Kaitlyn was marking her territory then and there.

4. She told him he was the one

Ooh, this one’s tricky. Kaitlyn telling Shawn this early on—as America’s sweetheart Ben H. was showering in the other room—led to a lot of problems between the two. But it was a pretty clear statement about who her heart (already) belonged to.

5. She was honest with him about Nick

Shawn was the only guy whom Kaitlyn told about her hookup with Nick. And that was the moment we knew she was envisioning what it would be like to eat maple syrup in Canada with Shawn for the rest of her life.

6.  He got naked on a golf course for her

Now that’s true love. Kaitlyn was obviously testing Shawn to find out how far he was willing to go for love. JK, she wanted to see how big his black box was.

7. Her family liked him better than Nick

Everyone loved Nick until Shawn came along with his handsome Gosling face and charming Southern drawl. And it was game over once Kaitlyn’s mom and sisters picked a side.

8. He made her a memory jar

We’re just going to put this out there; we’re willing to commit to any guy who puts a bunch of mementos in a glass jar and calls it an art project. Shawn is so into Pinterest, you guys.

9. He picked the better ring

We’re of course kidding. The rings were practically the same. Come on, Neil Lane. You’re getting lazy.

10. They’re prettier together than they are apart

Watching this duo cuddle and beam at each other on After the Final Rose should’ve made us green with envy. But they’re just so darn cute together.

11. The Snapchat thing

Let’s finally talk about the elephant in the room. Unless you’re an expert at avoiding spoilers, you saw the pic of Shawn and Kaitlyn in bed together that she accidentally posted to Snapchat weeks ago. There was no suspense left about her decision after that slipup.

12. We kind of predicted it week one

We may have faltered in our #TeamShawn convictions, but don’t forget we called this a long time ago.

13. And they’re in love

We can’t forget the love. P.S. if Kaitlyn and Shawn break up, please never tell us.

Did you see Shawn and Kaitlyn’s engagement coming, collegiettes?

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