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12 Times We’ve Had to Keep Up With Kim Kardashian’s Hair in 2015

After breaking out the classic bad hair day hat yesterday, Kim Kardashian debuted a brand new look in Paris today. In honor of her new locks, we decided to take a look at the numerous new ‘dos that she has already sported this year.

January 2015

1. Fresh out of the shower realness with the short-and-wet grunge look for Love Magazine

2. Classic Kim K with long, loose flowing waves

3. Sleeked to perfection low ponytail with not a flyaway in sight

February 2015

4. Beachy waves for a beach photo shoot

5. No-nonsense middle part featuring an assistant holding up a towel

6. Wet hair, don’t care with supermodel Cara Delevingne.

7. She must be going for that long-haired slicked back look T. Swift was talking about

8. In the words of Mrs. Kardashian-West herself, “I cut my hair short today”

9. Is she giving you the side-eye or is it just this wavy, swooped bang look? The world may never know

10. Not quite sure what this look was, but it was definitely something that Kim’s hair did in 2015

March 2015

11. We know it’s not much, but it is the world’s first glimpse at her newest hairstyle

12. The big reveal

While some of social media seems to think that Kim took a page out of Draco Malfoy’s book, others are totally impressed by her daring hair risk. She might not be as courageous as her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, when it comes to switching hair colors at a moment’s notice, but she has definitely played with color before. The last time she went blonde was in September 2013, shortly before giving birth to North West. Kim is constantly changing up her look and never seems to have one style for too long. It makes sense that she debuted the new look at Paris Fashion Week—there’s no better place to step out in a daring new style! 

Kim is going to have to let us know if platinum blondes have even more fun than blondes!

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