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12 College Women Get Real About Hillary Clinton

While she certainly isn’t the most divisive candidate in the election this year, everyone has an opinion about Hillary Clinton. We wanted to see if college women love the former first lady or are simply not ready for her, so we asked 12 college women to share what they think—read their thoughts below.

“I’m a Democrat and I’m definitely not voting for her. Her stances on different issues have never been consistent, she tries too hard to appeal to millennials by using slang terms, and she still has ­close ties to Wall Street. Bernie Sanders is a much better option.”

-Allison, University of Kansas Class of 2017

“I am a Democrat, but I would not vote for Hillary. She is untrustworthy (e.g., email server that got secret agents killed; charity fraud), self-centered, ill advised, uninformed, and just a terrible potential leader for our country. She would put us in even more debt and wreck what little solid policy we have left. I sincerely hope another candidate beats her.”

-Sarah, Tufts University Class of 2017

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“I am a Democrat, and I would not vote for Hillary Clinton. The stuff with the emails was super sketchy, in debates she avoids issues and most of her views are simply repackaged from the Obama administration. Electing her would not see the change that this country so desperately needs.”

-Jack, UW-Stout Class of 2018

“I am a Democrat and I would not vote for Hillary Clinton because I believe she has nothing to offer people of color.”

-Kayla, UC San Diego Class of 2019

“I am a Democrat through and through and I love Hillary Clinton. I think she is well prepared, highly intelligent, and will certainly be able to get the job done. One of the things that drew me in was her fight for equal pay and reproductive rights for all women, as well has her focus on LGBT issues. She provides more real world solutions to our problems, saying how she would go about making change rather than just saying change needs to happen. I think sometimes she is a little less liberal than I am, but that will work to her advantage when trying to work across party lines.”

-Sophie, Boston University Class of 2018

“I believe that Hillary Clinton is a strong candidate who could competently run the country in the position of President. She has seen first-hand the way politics works and appears to understand the needs of the American people. Although her actions in office have not always been perfect, she understands her mistakes just as anyone else would and can intelligently come back and turn herself around for the good of the country. I agree with Hillary’s various ideas in her campaign, yet I am still suspicious of her transparency with the American public, as many people are. Even with this, I believe that she will come around and eventually be the right person for the White House. It’s a shame that her campaign is getting overshadowed by other candidates such as Donald Trump, who have to rely on publicity, eccentricity, and hysterics to gain followers and prove their worth in politics.”

-Abby, Marist College Class of 2016

 “I love Hillary. I am definitely voting for her and I love how she supports women’s rights.”

-Samantha, Emory University Class of 2020

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“I’m a Democrat, but I don’t like Hillary Clinton very much. That being said, I will definitely vote for her if she receives the Democratic nomination, but I think it’s high time the United States elect someone who is more of an ‘ordinary’ person, like Bernie Sanders. I like his progressive new ideas for our country, like reducing student loan debt, providing increased government employment opportunities, ensuring that people have health care, and ensuring that there is economic equality for all. Hillary, to me, is too old school — she’s too much of a politician who says what she thinks will get her the votes, and her track record is way too centrist for my taste. America needs a radical progressive Democrat, because we need to make this country a great place for all again, with a ‘level playing field.’ I just can’t see Hillary being that. I also don’t think that America is ready for a female president yet. As sad as it makes me to say that, I think her gender has already created problems for her (i.e the Benghazi interrogation, in which she was questioned the most for really no reason), and I don’t think we can afford another four to eight years of unnecessary political gridlock.”

-Katherine, Molloy College Class of 2016

“I think Hillary Clinton is a good candidate. I am a Democrat, but I do not know if I will vote for her just yet.”

-Nicolette, University of Illinois Class of 2017

“I love Hillary Clinton, I’m a Democrat, and I’m definitely voting for her. I think she is smart, knows what she’s doing with foreign issues because of her time as Secretary of State, has women’s issues in mind, and has real solutions for issues such as minimum wage and lowering the cost of college. I think that her ways to improve the economy would work — whereas Bernie Sanders’ ideas will actually crush the economy, which anyone with a basic understanding of economic principles knows. I think Hillary is classy, calm, and intelligent.”

-Jess, Lebanon Valley College Class of 2017

“I am a Democrat and I think Hillary Clinton is a very qualified presidential candidate. She has always fought for the people and for what is right in the country. One key plan in her candidacy that I support and agree with is her New College Compact plan. I am in great support of this plan in which the goals include debt-free and affordable college expenses. I would most definitely vote for Hillary.”

-Alisha, The University of Alabama Class of 2017

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“I am ready for Hillary Clinton to be America’s first female president. I am disappointed by the lack of support and enthusiasm by my peers for her candidacy, not only because she is a woman, but because she is perhaps the most qualified and experienced candidate of our time. As a liberal Democrat, I feel that she stands for all of the issues that I care about such as universally accessible healthcare, women, minority, and LGBT rights, and growth of the middle class. I truly admire her drive to never give up and her passion for our great nation. She has proven herself to be a capable leader in a variety of government roles and I am excited to see what positive changes she brings to our country if elected president. As a college woman, I look up to her as an example for our generation; a woman can be the boss, a woman can be the leader of the free world, and Hillary is our woman!”

-Deena, Binghamton University Class of 2016

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