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11 Signs You’re Karen From ‘Mean Girls’

In honor of the recent 10-year anniversary of Mean Girls, we dedicate this article to our favorite ditzy, Taco-Bell-loving blonde. Read on to find out if Karen Smith is actually your spirit animal.

1. You say exactly what's on your mind. 

2. Your logic can be a little off the mark.

3. You admit when you're wrong.

4. You have trouble keeping secrets. 

5. Your favorite color is pink, obviously.

6. You may not be the sharpest crayon in the box,

7. But you make up for it with your plethora of hidden talents.

8. It's like you have ESPN or something.

9. Halloween is your favorite holiday.

10. Lying isn't one of your strong suits.

11. You get excited about the little things in life. 

Kelsey is a junior at The Ohio State University where she majors in Journalism. She serves as an Editorial Intern and Contributing Writer for Her Campus, and also writes for U lala. Her hobbies include loitering in cafés, watching '80s movies, and obsessing over British boys with perfect hair. After graduation, Kelsey hopes to work for a fashion magazine or lifestyle publication. You can follow Kelsey on Twitter (@kelseypomeroy) and Instagram (@kelseypomeroy).
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