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11 Lessons We Learned From Our Favorite ’90s TV Shows

The ’90s were the bomb; life was easier and TV was better. The cartoons and family-friendly sitcoms these days have nothing on what we watched when we were kids. In addition to keeping us entertained, our favorite TV shows taught us a ton about life. Keep reading to take a stroll down memory lane and remember the good old days back when we had fewer worries… and then, let’s start a petition to get these all on Netflix.

1. Rugrats

The lesson:

Petty theft is okay when the gain is delicious. Also, Angelica Pickles is a boss.

2. Sister, Sister

The lesson:

If you meet your long-lost twin sister at the mall, the only rational solution is to move into her dad’s house with your mom, whom he hates. It’s the only way. Seriously, it’s not like you can just hang out whenever if you live separately.

3. Hey Arnold!

The lesson:

The correct way to deal with your crush is to be extremely mean to him in person and then unhealthily obsess over him in private (suggestions: create a shrine for him in your closet, carry around his picture in a heart-shaped frame, etc.).

4. Boy Meets World

The lesson:

The key to success is to annoy your teacher at every possible moment for almost an entire decade. Bonus points if he’s your neighbor and you can bother him after school hours. 

5. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

The lesson:

YOU WILL NEVER FIND A BOY AS SWEET AS HARVEY. We’re sorry, but you won’t. It’s good that you learned this when you did. Despite this series being about magic and witchcraft, his perfection may have been the most unrealistic part of the show.

6. Rocket Power

The lesson:

Don’t discriminate against shoobies. They may become your best friends and reluctantly participate in all of your shenanigans. 

7. The Wild Thornberrys

The lesson:

How to be the coolest, chillest person alive. Debbie was the epitome of cool, so, naturally, you idolized her. She was a hipster before you even knew what a hipster was. If your side bangs didn’t cover your eye, what were you even doing with your life?

8. All That

The lesson:

No French teacher would ever be able to inspire and teach you as much as the one and only Pierre Escargot. Obviously this guy knows what he’s talking about – he has a spectacular view of what is definitely the real Eiffel Tower from his bubble bath.

9. The Amanda ShowThe lesson:

If you’re lucky and end up reaching maximum popularity, you too can hang out in your high-school bathroom all day long.

10. CatDog

The lesson:

Some questions you have in life—like, “How does CatDog go to the bathroom?”—are better left unanswered.

11. Kenan & Kel

The lesson:

Orange soda is dope.

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