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10 GIF-Worthy Moments from the Third GOP Debate

With the colorful cast of characters that makes up this presidential election, there were bound to be a LOT of GIF-able moments in tonight’s GOP debate on CNBC. From Jeb’s offer of a kiss to Cruz’s promise to drive all of America home for the night, the candidates did not disappoint.

1. Carly Fiorina called out a whole lot of sexist people for saying she needed to smile more.

She delivered that smile, with some sass, perfectly.


2. Marco Rubio was questioned on his financial troubles, especially after publishing a book.

His response spoke to us all – paying off his student loans.


3. Donald Trump said he loves “Mexicans,” then said (again) that he wants to build an entire wall at the Mexican border.

Also, let’s not forget all of the ignorant comments he has made about Hispanics in the past. Yes, we are confused, Mr. Trump.


4. Jeb Bush offered any Democrat willing to cut spending $10 a “warm kiss.”


5. The candidates had to list their “greatest weaknesses.”

Most of the debaters did not actually offer an actual weakness. Apparently, for Donald Trump, he thinks that he trusts others too much.


6. Trump also carries a gun, “sometimes a lot.”


7. Trump’s strategy must be working for him, because Mike Huckabee thinks that Trump would be a better president than Hillary.

He’s even wearing a “Trump tie.”


8. Ted Cruz talked about pot brownies…


9. …Then he offered to be the country’s Designated Driver, in a totally metaphorical way (we think?)


10. Everyone attacked Hillary Clinton, who wasn’t there, instead of talking about gender equality.

What is up with that?

What were your favorite moments from the GOP debate?

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