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Though the proper spelling has been argued—donut? doughnut?—and what kind is the best—glazed? frosted? filled?—we think all collegiettes can agree these doughy fried sweets are the absolute best. In honor of National Donut Day last Friday, we’re bringing you 10 of the zaniest donut creations on the market. Feel free to change into your elastic waistband pants and try a few of these decadent inventions yourself!

1) Psycho Donuts Donut Poutine

As if this Canadian treat of French fries drenched in cheese curds and gravy wasn’t decadent enough, California bakery Psycho Donuts decided to up the heart attack potential by swapping the fries for French fry-shaped glazed donuts, topped with globs of caramel and cream icing. Oh, Canada!

2) Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe

Krispy Kreme jazzes up this American classic by slapping mountains of beef, cheese, and sauce between two donut halves. Sloppy and deep-fried–the perfect combination.


3) Dunkin’ Donuts Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich

Can’t decide what you want for breakfast? Now you don’t have to! Dunkin’ Donuts changes the face of the classic breakfast sandwich by sticking a pepper-fried egg and cherrywood-smoked bacon between two donut halves. Breakfast of champions, indeed.

4) CakeSpy Glazed Donut Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry shortcake? Good. Donut Strawberry Shortcake? Better. CakeSpy steps up the yum factor by filling fluffy whipped cream and strawberry slices between two donut halves. The fruit nutritionally counteracts all that fried dough, right? 

5) Dominique Ansel Bakery Cronut

Is it a croissant? Is it a donut? No, it’s a donut-croissant hybrid! Trademarked by New York’s Dominique Ansel Bakery, the cronut is the perfect union of sugary, flakey, doughy, and delectable.

6) Krispy Kreme Burger

Hamburger buns? So yesterday. Krispy Kreme takes a ho-hum burger patty and transforms it into a culinary masterpiece by slapping it with some bacon and a fried egg between two glazed donuts. Talk about a whopper.

7) Psycho Donuts Donut Sushi

Ever wish sushi had a little bit less raw fish and a little more doughy fried goodness? You’re in luck! Psycho Donuts have created Psycho Psushi, sushi’s less health-conscious alternative: donuts garnished with frosting, nuts, berries, and absolutely no fish. They’re even served in a bento box with edible chopsticks. How cosmopolitan.

8) Tom + Chee Grilled Cheese Donut

Can’t get enough of those jelly-filled donuts? How about a cheese-filled one? Gourmet grilled cheese shop Tom + Chee has created a donut creation catered to the cheese connoisseur with their Grilled Cheese Donut, which boasts gooey stacks of cheese between two donut halves.

9) The Krispy Kreme Donut Sundae

I scream, you scream, we all scream for an ice cream donut concoction! Convinced that the typical ice cream sundae simply does not pack as many calories as it possibly could, Krispy Kreme challenges the caloric content of your run-of-the-mill sundae with their Kool Kreme Donut Sundae. Sweet and savory all in one.

10) Paula Deen Lady’s Brunch Burger

Paula Deen, reigning queen of culinary immoderation, sees your wimpy donut concoctions and is unimpressed by them all. Her Lady’s Brunch Burger, comprised of bacon, cheese, a hamburger patty, and an English muffin all housed inside two glazed donuts, will fill you up not just for breakfast and lunch, but probably dinner as well.


Would you try any of these crazy concoctions? Let us know in the comments below!

Corinne Sullivan is an editorial intern at Her Campus. She is in her senior year at Boston College, majoring in English with a Creative Writing Concentration. On campus, she cheers at football and basketball games as part of the Boston College Pom Squad and performs as a member of the Dance Organization of Boston College. She also teaches spin classes at the campus gym and contributes to the BC branch of Her Campus. Corinne loves the beach, all things chocolate, and is unashamed of her love for Young Adult Fiction. You can follow her on Twitter at @cesullivan14. 
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