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10 Adorable Dogs Dressed Up for Thanksgiving

With Halloween over and Thanksgiving around the corner, these furry friends show that we humans aren’t the only ones who can dress festively for the holidays!  Read on to see adorable dogs decked out in Thanksgiving gear inspired by everything from pilgrims to pumpkin pies!

1. "If I'm going to 'peck' on someone my own size, I might need a bigger net..."

2. "Trust me, we'll get treats if we pretend to love each other."

3.  "I'll only wear this turkey hat if you get on my good side."

4. "If you dress us up as birds, we're sticking to our nest."

5. "I thought you said Pil-GRAHAM, and I'm waiting for my crackers."

6. "I know I look fierce; can you tell I'm ready for some fowl play?"


7. "They think they're clever now, but these talons will cover my tracks when I sneak into the kitchen..."

8.  "I'm pretty talon-ted at modeling...Blue Steel?"

9. "We didn't choose the pug life... and we DEFINITELY didn't sign up for this."

10. "If this doesn't result in real pumpkin pie, I quit."


Allie Sutherland is an Architecture Student and Alpha Phi sister in the Syracuse University class of 2015. http://alliesutherland.com/
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