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9 Essentials You Need For Your WFH Setup

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Whether you’re for it or against it, there’s no denying that working from home is becoming the new norm. And I’ll be honest, I’m a huge supporter of the WFH movement. What’s not to like about rolling out of bed on your own time and working in the comfort of your home? I feel more present when I work remotely, and I’m able to complete more tasks on any given day. But as a self-proclaimed introvert, I realize that this slightly secluded way of working might not be for everyone — but it definitely can be! With a few workspace additions, your WFH office will become your favorite place to be.

Don’t give up on remote positions, besties, because it’s so easy to set up your work space and make it as enjoyable and productive as possible. Check out these nine things you need to set up your work from home office!

A Desk

While working from your bed or couch might seem more comfortable, you’ll definitely need a reliable desk to get you in the right headspace to get your work done. If you live in a dorm, there will be one provided for you, but if you live off-campus, there are plenty of functional and affordable desks out there. You can also search for the perfect preloved desk at your local thrift store or sites like Facebook Marketplace

Pro tip: If you enjoy an outdoor workspace like I do, try this sit-stand portable desk on Amazon, and don’t forget to bring an adjustable umbrella for those extra sunny days!  

A Pleasing Light

Once you’ve got the right desk, you need to find the perfect lamp. I spent (maybe too much) time researching the best light to use in a small space, because I just wouldn’t settle for that painful LED brights that come with college-town apartments. I love my modern arc floor lamp, but you could also go for a smaller table lamp, a mushroom lamp, a tulip lamp, or whatever fits your workspace aesthetic! 

The Freedom App

The first thing you need to do before officially starting your work day is to get rid of any social media distractions. The Freedom app gets rid of these distractions in the best way — by blocking the internet! I know, it sounds a little scary. But with this app, you’re able to block only those irrelevant apps and websites that distract you from your tasks — and it works for any of your mobile devices!

If you still find yourself going down different rabbit holes during your shift, the app has a “Locked Mode” feature where you can’t reach those distracting sites until your session is over. A little unorthodox for us social media based Gen Zers, but it could be just the thing you need to successfully work from home!

A Pair of Headphones

A quality pair of headphones is absolutely necessary if you have loud roommates, or just love listening to your favorite songs while working. Bulky headphones are all the rage this year, so now would be the perfect time to snag a pair! The JBL Wireless Headphones have been on my list for a while now, but luckily, I’m still on my first pair of AirPods. If that’s not the case for you, or if you’re just looking for a more affordable option, consider a pair of wired Apple earbuds!

A Coffee or Tea Maker

When you start working from home, it’s a good idea to invest in your own coffee or tea maker if you love a caffeine boost. While your favorite influencers might be able to afford spending two hundred dollars a week on their caffeine fix, it’s probably not a good habit to form for the sake of your college-girl budget. I prefer green tea over coffee any day, and I love my electric tea kettle. If you prefer a latte or other espresso drinks before a long work day, try an affordable coffee maker. For my fellow matcha lovers, invest in a quality matcha powder and whisk!

A Humidifier

Trust me, bestie, a humidifier in your college dorm or apartment workspace is a complete game-changer. When I first purchased mine, I started sleeping better, and began waking up sore-throat free. There are so many cute options on Etsy, so start searching! A good humidifier will add moisture to the air in your office and will eliminate all the icky symptoms that come with dry air


Depending on what your WFH position is, chances are you need to keep all of your supplies organized. A simple desk organizer with a drawer will look great on top of your new desk, so go for this acrylic office organizer, or this rose gold organizer to keep your space clean and organized!

The Perfect Planner

While I love using digital organization apps like Notion or Google Calendar, investing in a good paper planner is crucial to thriving in your WFH office. I’m sure you’ve heard it before from your professors, but research shows that actually writing down your daily schedule and task list makes you feel more focused and productive. I am in love with the simple Moleskine planner I chose this year from Target, but there are plenty of other aesthetically pleasing options out there, like the Papier Joy 2023 Planner.

A Girl Boss Outfit

OK, so this one isn’t an absolute necessity, but when I put on a cute outfit that makes me feel confident (even when I’m planning to stay home all day), I feel way more motivated! Luckily, you won’t have to purchase anything new to achieve a power outfit — a nice pair of trousers and a solid button down from your closet will do. But if you’re looking for some inspo, check out Kaia Gerber’s new Zara collab. It’s a beautiful collection of closet staples that literally screams girl boss!

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