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Windsor Learns How to Ski!

I was born and raised in North Carolina. Many people do not know it but it’s actually possible to ski in the mountains of my home state! In fact, at Appalachain State University (the NC school where my little sister Kelsey is currently a junior) – a huge number of students go skiing or snowboarding every winter weekend on the local slopes.

Despite the above facts, I only braved the mountains to go skiing twice in my entire elementary-college career. Both times were in middle school. Both times involved excessive slipping, sliding, and yes, tumbling down the mountain. This wouldn’t be an issue except for the fact that my boyfriend Alex is an avid skiier. He has gone skiing in Utah (yes Utah) every Christmas for the last 14 years.

So last weekend Alex and I decided that it was about time that I learn how to ski! We found a buywithme deal to Blue Hills Ski Area just outside of Boston. It was only $32 for a full day lift ticket + rentals! We borrowed Stephanie’s old car (thanks Steph!) and drove out to Blue Hills for what was sure to be a day of adventure. The car was a gray 1991 (yes – as old as my sister) Volvo station wagon. In other words – a sexy car. The heat made this terrible clicking/whirring noise that was so loud it was almost better to go without it. When I called Steph’s mom to thank her for letting us use it, she asked if it broke down on our way out there! I said no, thankfully! I let Alex drive and I managed the heat and defrosting the windshield. It was quite the adventure. 

The sexy car itself:

For Christmas, Alex had given me a full set of ski gear – from the pants to the jacket to the gloves. I found some super cute Roxy snow goggles at REI and was all set!

Alex tricked me into going down a slope that was partially a black diamond by telling me that the bunny slopes were at the top of the ski lift and that there were just a bunch of them over and over down the mountain (yes – I am extremele gullible). I should have known better but as a ski novice, I trusted the “expert”.  At first I was absolutely terrified and didn’t want to go down the mountain once I saw how steep  it was. The thing is that there was nowhere else to go! The sensation was a lot like when you jump off a dock into a lake (anyone else ever do that as a kid?). You  just have to get up your courage and go for it!

I had a wonderful time and by the end of the day I was going down the black diamond slope with minimal falling! Success!

Here are some pictures from the day:

On the ski lift!

The two of us at the top of the mountain. Alex did a wonderful job picking the color for my ski jacket! He knows me well.

Half way down the mountain, trying not to slide backwards!

At the bottom of the black diamond after making it down without falling. I promise it looks a LOT bigger in person.

Nothing is hotter than a toboggan and snow goggles.

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