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Why Annie <3’s Twitter

It’s quite simple: Twitter will soon overtake Facebook in terms of social media importance.

No doubt some of you are skeptical about this. So why do I believe? Three observations explain it all:

1. Following someone on Twitter is completely different from friend-ing someone on Facebook.

Whereas it’s common practice to friend random people you don’t actually care about on Facebook (if for no other reason than to raise that all-important Friend Count), you might actually appear cooler if you follow less people on Twitter – people have to earn a follow. People you follow on Twitter are people you actually care about (unlike easily expendable Facebook friends). At least enough to receive their tweets constantly on the equivalent of a News Feed.

2. If you’re following someone on Twitter, you not only receive their tweets, but you actually pay attention to them.

In fact, you pay such close attention that you will actually click on links within the tweets of people you follow — since, again, they are such a selective bunch! Such is the dedication of a true Twitter-er.

3. Thus, Twitter can direct web traffic in a powerful and efficient way.

Much more successfully, I believe, than Facebook. Simply because the audience is much more invested in tweets than status updates. Much more invested in intentional social connection.

Even our Lauren Merkin Twitter contest is doing just that – directing traffic to our site via the link to HC we placed in the tweet! We hope that lots and lots of folks will discover and fall in love with Her Campus during the week of this contest, aided by none other than you, O Twittering extraordinaire!

…We thank you in advance :)

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