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Who’s the Liza Minnelli of Our Generation?

Last week the forever fabulous, Liza Minnelli, appeared on the Today Show to promote her new CD, Confessions. Now, while I was thrilled to see the diva can still mesmerize an audience and instantly added her CD to my growing Christmas list, it did get me thinking…who is the Liza of our generation? Is there anyone who can even compare in terms of genealogy (her mom is Judy Garland, dad is film director Vincente Minnelli), versatility and ultimate staying power? I’m not sure, but here are a few potential contenders I’ve assembled….
1.     Christina Aguilera

The starlet has reinvented herself from a genie to a dirty girl and finally, burlesque-inspired mom.   And she will soon appear on the big screen with Cher in the upcoming movie, Burlesque.

2.     Lady Gaga

  This shocking sensation hasn’t been on the scene long, but Lady Gaga has already reinvented herself at least three times. And while her crazy antics (meaty ball gowns anyone?) do garner attention, she still manages to captivate the audience with her talented vocals.
3.     Beyonce

While she might be most popular for her female anthems, let’s not forget that Beyonce also gave an impressive performance in the movie Dreamgirls, proving that she’s a triple threat to be reckoned with.
4.     Lea Michelle

 Unlike the other contenders on this list, Lea Michelle hasn’t recorded any dance inspiring albums. But I have a feeling this budding diva is just getting started. Like Liza, Lea Michele, got her start as a child actress on Broadway and now plays Rachel Berry in the hit television show, Glee.

What do you think? Are one of these divas the Liza of our generation or is there another songstress more worthy of the title? Post your comments below!
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Nikki Fig is a Broadcast Journalism major at Emerson College. She writes, produces and reports for shows on several Emerson television stations and is a web writer for Emerson's lifestyle publication, Em Mag. She is also the Philanthropy Chair of Alpha Epsilon Phi and recently returned from a study abroad program in Israel. Nikki is graduating in May and plans to move back to New York City. She wants to pursue a career in journalism that will enable her to combine her love of fashion, travel and culture.  
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