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I Bet I Can Guess Your Exact Money Habits Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

The way someone uses, saves and thinks about money speaks a lot about their personality and upbringing. But if you’re like us and obsessed with all things astrology, you know it can also provide a little insight into their zodiac sign or vice versa.

Are you a Sagittarius who is always dropping cash on amazing trips abroad, making everyone jealous? Are you an Aries who turns everything into a competition, even how you spend or save money? Here is a general overview of how your sun sign might impact money habits.


woman counting money near notebook on desk
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Known for their fiery temperament and risk-taking attitude, Aries enjoy living in the moment and spending money like there’s no tomorrow. That being said, Aries work just as hard as they spend, and when they want something, will do everything in their power to get it. It’s important for Aries to take this energy and aim it towards building up their savings, allowing them to continue living that fast-paced lifestyle no matter what comes their way. Aries, always stay on your grind!


Hands counting dollar bills with woman using calculator in background
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Taurus people place a high emphasis on stability. This means they will always be well-organized when it comes to their finances, whether that be through paying their bills on time or building up their savings through direct deposits. On the flip-side, they are also known for being tempted by anything luxurious that brings personal pleasure, leading them to be quite big spenders. Luckily, they understand that you need to have savings to feel good in the long run.


Hand inserting coin into plastic piggy bank
Photo by Joslyn Pickens from Pexels

Geminis are dynamic and smart, often going to great lengths in pursuit of what’s new, which may eat up their savings. They often struggle with their head, which tells them to save, and their inner self that says spend, spend, spend (mainly on food, tbh). It can be hard to make the decision between practicality and pleasure, but Geminis will always have a back-up plan to keep their finances healthy. Being grounded in the fact that there is only one financial reality is the key to saving up for that next big trip. A good goal would be to set up some short-term savings plans for a rainy day.


person holding $100 Dollar bills
Photo by Alexander Mils from Pexels

Those under the Cancer sign are known for being very emotional, which leads them to seek security through financial planning. They make money a priority, believing it to be the key to a happy and healthy life, and are always quick to support their friends and family financially. They are often very skillful at investing and are the best at keeping track of who owes what when splitting the tab at brunch. They are always at the top of your Venmo feed, requesting $1.23 for that single avocado from Trader Joe’s you asked them for. 


Person using laptop holding credit card
Photo by Rupixen.com from Unsplash

Leos are extremely good with money management; they are likely to use credit rather than debit or cash because they understand the importance of building up a good credit score. They are also very protective of their close family and friends, making them always ready to provide financial help. Related to this, Leos just love to spend generously when it comes to friends and family, using any occasion as an excuse for buying gifts. They are the ultimate mom friend. 


pile of American coins
Photo by Tim Sullivan from Stocksnap

Unlike many of the other signs, Virgos are not known for irrational spending, seeing it as a bad habit or a sign someone was spoiled. They are very practical and always save some money on the side for emergencies, but this amount of control can make them seem thrifty to others. They are that one friend who always claims they are broke, yet somehow can afford spending $30 every Sunday on brunch. It is important to remember that investing in yourself is just as important as investing in the community and future.


close-up of US one dollar bill

Libras have a hard time making decisions, and this is true of how they handle their money as well. They are just as likely to save money as spend it, though they do enjoy purchasing anything that looks or feels good, making them come across as impulsive spenders. They almost always have their finances under control, however, making all other signs envious of how easy they make money management seem. “What, like it’s hard?” is the constant response when other signs ask how they do it. 


Putting money in a piggy bank
Photo by Damir Spanic from Unsplash

Valuing strategy and control, Scorpios always play to win in the financial game. They try to save regularly, spend only on the essential items they know are necessary and work hard to put themselves in a better financial position. They’re the kids buying stock from their dorm rooms, though they are extremely disciplined and always consider every aspect before making a decision to spend or invest in something. When Scorpios set a goal, nothing will come in between them and the expected outcome. 


Pile of US coins spilling out of glass jar
Josh Appel/Unsplash

Those under this sign are known for being intensely curious about the world at large, leading them to spend and invest their money on experiences rather than material objects. They often have trouble differentiating between treating yourself and overspending but are optimistic that everything will turn out fine no matter what decision they make. This can make them seem very lucky when everything works out for them.


payroll clerk counting money while sitting at table
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Capricorns focus on climbing the professional ladder, preferring to work hard and save for the expensive version of something rather than spending their hard-earned money on short-lived trends. No one would ever call them cheap or tacky. They know the importance of feeling secure in your future and make sure to have financial contingencies for any situation. Capricorns hate being tied to anything like debt or a loan, and will pay back any money owed down to exact cent ASAP. What’s up Capricorns, let’s get that bread.


person holding coins and paper note in hands
Photo by Katt Yukawa from Unsplash

When it comes to money, those under this zodiac sign are talented at balancing between spending and saving money. Aquarius people are known to place a huge emphasis on personal freedom, meaning they understand that building up their savings is the key to long-lasting financial freedom. That being said, they’re also much more community-based than the other signs, leading them to engage in activities that aim to help better humanity, and may use their finances to help support those around them who may be struggling. They are the friends that constantly forget to pay you back, but will come in clutch when you really need it.


Sharon McCutcheon

Pisces are incredibly creative and artistic, but in terms of money management, this focus on intuition can be self-sabotaging. Those under this zodiac sign don’t place too much importance on money, though they are willing to set goals and save to achieve their dreams. They’re those kids texting the group chat for utilities the day after rent is due. It is advisable that Pisces have a financial plan in place for the future to help them avoid getting to lost in the moment and only spending rather than saving.

All of the traits and personalities listed here may not be one hundred percent accurate of course; we’re all a lot more complex than that (I see you, moon signs!). That doesn’t mean they can’t be useful, however. Use these descriptions as a way to help you see where you might struggle with money and how you can build on your financial strengths. Before you know it, you’ll be a master at saving and consciously spending.

Xandie Kuenning is the Career Editor at Her Campus and a graduate of Northeastern University with a Bachelor's in International Affairs and minors in Journalism and Psychology. She is an avid traveler with a goal to join the Travelers' Century Club. When not gallivanting around the world, she can be found reading about fairytales or Eurasian politics, baking up a storm, or watching dangerous amounts of Netflix. Follow her on Instagram @AKing1917 and on Twitter @XKuenning.