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What should I do to my hair?

So I've been feeling recently like I want to do something different to my hair.  I've had my hair the same way since probably the beginning of high school- long, straight, angled in the front, maybe some subtle layers in it but I'm not even sure.  I've been feeling recently like it is really boring though, and maybe I should do something slightly different to it.

I don't want any kind of dramatic new haircut.  I still want it to be long, and straight and dark (my hair is my natural color- I did have highlights in high school but have since grown them out).  I would be open to some sort of very long or side-swept bang, or more layers, or just something that's a little more interesting.

As you can probably tell by now, I really don't know what I want!  I just think I want my hair to be a little more interesting.

I've been playing around on some makeover websites like the makeover tool on peoplestylewatch.com and taaz.com and the ones featured in this HC article, but it hasn't really led to anything.

Do you have any ideas for what I should do to my hair?  I like it to be longer than shoulder-length, and it's naturally wavy/curly but I always straighten (flat iron) it when I want to look put together.  Tell me your ideas in the Comments section, or email me at stephanie@hercampus.com!!  I'm getting my hair cut on Wednesday.

Here's my usual hair:

Here's what I think I would look like with hair kind of like Windsor's (I also added some makeup with the virtual makeover- this one was made on taaz.com):

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