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You might have noticed I’ve been a little M.I.A. from the Founders’ Blog this week… that’s because I’ve been on vacation with my family in Miami, Florida! My mom is from Miami so we come here almost every year. Sadly tonight is our last night of the trip, and then it’s back to Boston and cold weather! We lucked out with amazing weather in Florida all week- 70s and sunny with only one day of rain, which is great for January- especially lucky given the recent freezing temps down here!

This week was a great break from 1) winter weather, 2) winter clothes, and 3) winter work! I had been spending almost all my days over winter break on my laptop working on HC, so it was nice to have a little separation from my laptop for once (which was made possible courtesy of my new BlackBerry!). I am even happier with my decision to get a BlackBerry now than I was before! (For those of you on the HC Team, this meant I took approximately 24 hours to respond to emails all week as opposed to less than 1 hour… sorry!).

This vacation was also a wonderful break for my hair, because I am proud to say I did not straighten it once all week! So I am expecting it to look extra-good the first time I straighten it after I get home. I promise one day a picture of me without my hair straightened will grace the Founders’ Blog, but it has not happened yet :)

I loved taking a break from leggings, sweaters, boots, and dark nail polish this week! My style faves for this trip:

These fun, funky necklaces I got from Express before I left, plus my favorite summer nail polish, Flirty Fuschia by Essie, which is a super bright neon pink!

And this bikini that I love by ViX– it’s black with these black and gold embellishment clasp-type things.

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