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coffee and people dancing in club
coffee and people dancing in club
Sabrina Bernard
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What I Spent During A Snowy Toronto Week At Queen’s University

In Her Campus’ series Where’d My Money Go?, we’re taking a look at what one college student spends in a week on campus. In this piece, Sabrina, a second-year student at Queen’s University in Toronto, shares her weekly spending habits.

I wish it was easy for me to say that money saving was my expertise. As a second-year student at Queen’s University in Toronto, Ontario, it’s safe to say that my priorities are a lot different than when I’m living at home in the summer with my parents and dog. During the school year, I tend to focus on my studies rather than having a job. Instead, I work full-time in the summer and try to spend my savings wisely when I’m in school. That way, I’m not overwhelming myself with putting too much on my plate and instead I can try to prioritize my grades and extracurriculars.

Normally, in a month, I’ll spend my money mainly on food and random things I need, like shampoo or tissues. I also make sure I save a couple of bucks for nights out in case I want to get a drink or am paying admission fees at the clubs. One way I like to budget my money is by making meal plans that I can stick to, so that I’m not impulse-buying groceries, and also justifying if I need that Starbucks coffee before class. I try to make sure what I’m spending my money on isn’t a complete waste and is reasonably within my means. While I try my hardest to budget my money wisely throughout the month, I’m human and still make impulsive purchases sometimes. (Let’s be honest, it’s hard to resist the Aritzia Winter Sale.)

The following dollar amounts listed are in Canadian dollars.


Sabrina Bernard

2 p.m.: I had to do laundry today and because it isn’t in my apartment, it costs a few dollars. $2

6 p.m.: Since my boyfriend was down for the weekend, I decided that this would be the best opportunity for me to run some errands. We went to Farm Boy and a bakery to pick up breakfast for the morning. $68

Daily Total: $70


Nothing! $0

Daily Total: $0


starbucks coffee
Sabrina Bernard

2:30 p.m.: I was super tired after class today, so I bought a Starbucks coffee. $5

Daily Total: $5


Nothing today! I had a lot of work to do, so I decided to stay at home all day. $0

Daily Total: $0


half of a pizza pie
Sabrina Bernard

2 p.m.: Since I’ve been working extra hard this week, I decided to treat myself to a little sale. I bought a hoodie and some lounge pants, but I got extremely good deals, I‘d say, so I was happy. $61

7 p.m.: I bought pizza for dinner. It was my first time stepping outside all day ’cause the weather has been so bad! $18

Daily Total: $79


people dancing in club
Sabrina Bernard

1 p.m.: My parents forced me to buy a security alarm keychain, so I can stay safe while I’m at school. (This was mainly for their peace of mind.) $30

2:30 p.m.: I had to pay my roommate for utilities today. $64.27

9:30 p.m.: I went to the clubs! I paid an entry fee and also bought a drink. $13

Daily Total: $107.27


Nothing! I went to a friend’s house and slept most of the day after my night out (and cleaned my room ’cause it was so messy after getting ready).

Daily Total: $0

Weekly Total: $261.27

This was definitely not a normal week of spending for me at all. I only spent a bit more this week because I had to pay utilities and for groceries for the week. Usually, I also wouldn’t spend a lot of money on clothes, but I did this week because my mom gave me some money for Lunar New Year! I feel fine about the amount I spent this week because it definitely wasn’t a normal week for me. I think that tracking my money this week was a fun challenge, so I could see where it all goes and why I have none of it. However, I’d also say I did a good job at not spending money some days this week. Thanks for spending a week with me, HC! 

Sabrina Bernard

Queen's U '25

Sabrina Bernard is a writer Her Campus' National Program. She writes lifestyle content on the site, including entertainment, news, and experiences. Beyond Her Campus, Sabrina is heavily involved at her university, where she is an Orientation Coordinator for the largest not-for-profit orientation in Canada, she is the Co-President of the English Department Student Council, and models for her university's Sustainable Fashion club. She also volunteers at the local Animal Shelter when she goes home. Sabrina is currently a junior at Queen's University, majoring in English Literature with a certificate in French. She has also been a panelist at several literary conferences for her works. In her free time, Sabrina enjoys reading, playing with her cat Poppy, and petting every cat she can find on the streets. She's also a huge Modern Family fan and has rewatched the series multiple times.