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Weekend in Washington, DC!

I spent this past Friday through Sunday visiting my college roommate Becca in Washington, DC!  Becca moved there after graduation to do a 1-year fellowship.  I had only been to DC once before, in middle school with my family, so I didn’t remember it that well.

I absolutely loved it!  The city feels so open and clean and pretty, and it also has EVERYTHING!  It felt like NYC in that there is just so much there- restaurants, shopping, etc.- but much less crazy and hectic than NYC which was good.  Also, the metro was super convenient and easy to use, which I appreciated.  Before this trip, I felt like Boston and NYC were the two cities I could see myself living in, but now I’ve added DC to this list.

On Friday night after I got in, Becca and I went out to dinner at Rosa Mexicano, one of Windsor’s and my favorite restaurants in NYC (it’s a chain)!  I introduced Becca to this restaurant when she and I went to NYC over winter break this year, so we had to check it out in DC!  Here we are after dinner- we had the hostess take a pic!

On Saturday we saw the SATC2 movie in the afternoon (it was raining), then walked around the Georgetown area and went to dinner at an Italian restaurant.

On Sunday we did some sightseeing!  Here are a couple pics:

And here’s a random freebie cute cat pic of my cat Sassy- this happened at home tonight while my mom was cooking dinner!

Since I left for DC Friday afternoon and got back late last night and wasn’t on my computer all weekend, I came back to TONS of emails and stuff to do, which I am still catching up on!!

Stephanie is co-founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Media, which she co-founded in 2009 as an undergrad at Harvard.
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