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9 Ways You Can Easily Make Money Over Winter Break

If you’re anything like me, you wait all semester to catch a break. But after a few days without class, you somehow find yourself bored out of your mind. You have no projects to think about, no tests to study for, and more time on your hands than you thought you could handle.

So, if you have the time, why not fill your days with a side job and make some extra cash? Here are 10 ways to get going on filling up your bank account before spring semester rolls around.

1. Local businesses

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Vecchione says, “Many employers in larger to mid-size areas employ high school and college students to hand out flyers or other marketing items to the public.”  Look around at local coffee shops or ice cream shops to see what flyers are already posted, and then give them a call to see if they’d like any more help. Or, when you’re out doing Christmas shopping, spend some time going in and out of stores asking if they’re hiring for the holidays. “Retail, or anything related to helping a company adequately is a great way to spend your break [because] the holidays increase their demand for services.” 

2. Shovel snow

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If there’s lots of snow where you live, you might as well make the most of it and offer your shoveling services to your neighbors and family members. Tom Vecchione, executive director of career services at Elon University, calls this money-maker an “oldie but goodie.” He also says he would definitely pay someone to do it for him!

3. Babysit

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Parents are super busy with holiday parties and office parties over the break. Offer to watch your cousins, neighbors, siblings, nieces or nephews. You’ll have fun and make good money in the process. If your neighborhood or high school has an email list-serv, send something out letting everyone know you’re available to help.

4. Pet-sit

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Lots of people take short vacations and trips over the holidays. And most people would rather leave their pets at home than kennel them, so offer to feed and walk your neighbor’s dog or feed their fish. You’ll be a great help!  This is another item you can shoot over a neighborhood email list-serv.

5. Clean out your closet

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Go through all of your clothes and sell what you don’t want at a local consignment store. Just try not to buy anything there while you’re selling your stuff if the goal is to be cash flow positive!

6. Or, sell it online

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Use eBay, DepopPoshmark or any other online reselling stores to sell items that you no longer have any use for. It’s an easy way to make money, and if you have the packages picked up you don't even have to leave the house! 

7. Host a garage sale

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Ross Wade, Assistant Director of Career Services at Elon University, suggests having a holiday garage sale. Sell all of your old CDs, DVDs, handbags, clothes, whatever! Get your siblings or neighbors to organize it with you so you have more to sell and you can all benefit from it. Put up a flyer at your local Community Center or put flyers in mailboxes around your neighborhood to publicize. Post something about it on your Facebook too—you can even make a Facebook photo album that is a sort of gallery of the items you’ll be selling. 

8. Use your artistic ability

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Wade says, “If you’re artsy, design and create some holiday cards or art to sell on Etsy and upload a design for a greeting card. You can sell your personal designs online!

9. Wrap it up

[bf_image id="pp6943wx77nnnxr4s7xqp65j"] Put flyers out in the mailboxes in your neighborhood offering your wrapping services. Say that you’ll take some stress off of their plate by offering to do their present wrapping – just make sure your corners are crisp! 

We all know how hard the holiday season can be — spending hours in the library to finish final papers, rushing to find your family & friends the perfect holiday gifts, &, of course, realizing your wallet is unfortunately emptier than usual. With a good a chunk of time off from school & all the work that comes along with it, Winter break is the perfect time to make some extra cash. Don't know how? Here are a few ways to quickly replenish your bank account before the start of next semester:

Outdoor Work

Depending on where you call home, shoveling snow, cutting grass, gardening or doing yard work, etc. for your neighbors &/or family members is a super easy way to make a quick buck. While labor intensive, a couple of hours of outdoor work could mean a big payday!

Babysit, Pet-sit, or House-sit

Families tend to be extremely busy during the holiday season, so why not offer to babysit, pet-sit, &/or house-sit for your neighbors if & when they are planning to travel?

Purge Your Closet

You'd be surprised at the amount of never-worn or out-of-style clothing that you'll find in your closet at home once you start to really look. Pack up all of your unwanted pieces & take them to a nearby consignment shop or sell them online for instant cash!

Sell Your Old Textbooks

Another thing you could easily sell: old textbooks! Some students find posting in their class Facebook groups with used, discounted textbooks to be a fruitful endeavor. But you could even sell your books back to companies like Chegg & third-party sites!

Call Up Your Summer Job

Chances are your boss from the Summer is in need of an extra hand over the holidays & could use someone he/she won't have to spend time training. Give your old job a call & see if you can pick up some extra shifts while you're home!

Take Surveys

Almost all companies look for customer feedback on current products, so why not get paid for it? If you fill out certain online surveys or forms for your specific demographic, you could make money just for giving companies your opinion! There are also hundreds of focus groups in the city that pay upwards of $200 just to have you attend an in-person session for a couple of hours & test a new product.

Become An Online Tutor

Are you really well-versed in a particular subject? Register to become an online tutor & get paid the big bucks to help a fellow student over break — & you won't even have to leave your bed to do it!

It might seem silly, but trying these few things will definitely have you doing this by the end of break:

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