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Visiting my best friend in NYC!

After all of our meetings in NYC last week, I stayed for the weekend to visit my best friend Jackie, who just moved there!  Jackie and I have been best friends since middle school!  She just graduated from Cornell and now works for Morgan Stanley.

We always thought I would end up in NYC after graduation and she would end up in Boston, but it ended up being the reverse!

On Friday night we got Tasti D-Lite (our favorite!), then went out to a bar where Jackie’s friend was having a birthday party.  Here we are out on Friday night!

On Saturday we went to the gym, then walked down to 16 Handles (2nd Ave. btw 9th and 10th St.) for froyo!  At 16 Handles, you take a cup, and then there are TONS of different froyo flavors and toppings, and you fill up your cup however you want, and then they weigh it to determine how much it costs!  If you’re a froyo fan and haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should!!

Here we are post-gym with our 16 Handles froyo- think we burned more calories at the gym or consumed more from the froyo?! :)

That night, we got sushi for dinner, then split a Crumbs cupcake- yum!  There was a lot of dessert involved in this trip :)

Then on Saturday night we went out to a bar called Red Sky that lots of Cornell people go to!

Jackie’s roommate Abbey (who we featured as a student designer in this HC article!), Jackie, and me out on Saturday

Me and Jackie!

On Sunday, we did some shopping around Nolita with my Delta Gamma sorority little sister Alex!  Then I headed back to Boston that night, but my train was delayed and I didn’t get home until 2AM!!

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