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This TikToker Made A Journal To Help You Decide If You Should Quit Your Job

If you’ve ever had a job, chances are you’ve considered quitting that job at least once — we’ve all been there. Maybe there has been conflict with a boss or coworker, maybe the hours don’t align with your schedule, or maybe you just feel burnt out and unfulfilled in the work you’re doing. No matter the reason, thinking about quitting your job is a big decision that requires a lot of thought and personal reflection. Luckily, one TikToker has created a journal to help you through this decision.

TikTok user Career Coach Mandy makes videos about working, corporate life, and more for her over 40 thousand followers. In a video posted May 19, 2024, she introduced the Should I Quit? journal, a journal she created for her followers who were having thoughts about leaving their job.

“I was like, what if I created a journal where I could guide people through that transition period of, ‘I know I want to leave, should I leave, when do I leave, what do I do next?’” she says in the video, which has more than one million views. 

Mandy acknowledges that there are no clear-cut answers in this situation, which can make it difficult for people to know if they’re doing the “right” thing by quitting their job. She describes the journal as a “self-guided workshop” that people can work through if they’re considering leaving a job.

The journal includes a variety of activities and prompts. Rather than being a blank notebook with repeated prompts on each page, the journal is divided into sections and has different prompts each day that allow you to consider different aspects of your job and notice patterns in your feelings. The sample pages available online show prompts like, “Make a list of key skills you use at work” and “How do you spend your time at work?” Mandy incorporates both writing and drawing into the journal, allowing you a chance to be creative while you work.

“I’m all about these journals making you feel good,” says Mandy in the video, whose comments section is full of overwhelmingly positive feedback, with users expressing what a great idea this is and how they’re excited to process their thoughts using the journal.

Recent research from Microsoft and LinkedIn has revealed that 46% of professionals are considering quitting their jobs in 2024 — so, if you’re thinking about quitting your job, just know that nearly half of the working population is right there with you. This journal probably won’t give you a definitive “yes” or “no” answer when it comes to whether you should actually do so, but putting your thoughts on paper and giving yourself time to reflect can be helpful as you navigate your next steps.

Jordyn Stapleton has been a National Lifestyle Writer for Her Campus since February 2023. She covers a variety of topics in her articles, but is most passionate about writing about mental health and social justice issues. Jordyn graduated from CU Boulder in December 2022 with Bachelor’s degrees in music and psychology with a minor in gender studies and a certificate in public health. Jordyn was involved in Her Campus during college, serving as an Editorial Assistant and later Editor-in-Chief for the CU Boulder chapter. She has also worked as a freelance stringer for the Associated Press. Jordyn is currently taking a gap year and working at a local business in Boulder, with hopes of attending graduate school in fall 2024. Jordyn enjoys reading, bullet journalling, and listening to (preferably Taylor Swift) music in her free time. If she isn’t brainstorming her next article, you can usually find her exploring coffee shops or hiking trails around Boulder with her friends.