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Thanksgiving feast!!!

It’s a tradition in AACF (Asian-American Christian Fellowship), my second family at Harvard, for the juniors to serve the seniors Thanksgiving dinner each year. Let me tell you, this was a FEAST. We served salad, two varieties of ham with stir-fried veggies, fettucine alfredo with shrimp and bell peppers, mashed potatoes, apple cider, and brownies with chestnuts. Yum!!!

It was a classy affair, and I wore this amazing vintage dress I found on eBay. It’s white with little gold sparkles all over it and I love the cut! (Side note: OMG let me tell you, discovering eBay has changed my life. Perhaps for the worse, as I now sometimes spend hours searching for more and more items to buy……so many dresses, so little time!) And just to show some love to the rest of my outfit: I’m also wearing some black leggings, Juicy flats, a pearl necklace, and these festive dangling orb earrings I found at the mall.

Anyway, back to the feast! This year I volunteered to make the salad, which turned out to be a huge success. People kept getting second, third, and fourth servings! :) I was extremely pleased. Especially because I really don’t cook much, so it was really encouraging that people enjoyed it even though it was just a salad.

I highly recommend the recipe I used — it’s one of the most popular salads on AllRecipes.com! It was a hearty combination of baby spinach, butter-toasted almonds, dried cranberries, and a DELICIOUS vinaigrette dressing (cider vinegar, white wine vinegar, sugar, sesame seeds, minced onions, and vegetable oil). Using the leftover salad dressing, I plan to fill up a bunch of small glass jars and give them to friends as Thanksgiving presents!

I also made these Ghirardelli brownies we ate for dessert — don’t they look gorgeous?? We served them with roasted chestnuts and I sprinkled the plate with these beautiful silk apple blossoms I bought at IKEA (haha random, right?)!

Here’s the whole group…

And now I’m officially in the Thanksgiving mood! Too bad we only get half a week off…


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