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Stephanie’s 22nd Birthday!

This past Sunday (December 5) was my 22nd birthday!  Since my birthday is in December, I've always been one of the youngest of my friends, so I'm always basically the last person to turn each age (this was especially annoying for tuning 21!).  But now that I'm over 21, it doesn't really matter, since there's no real benefit to getting older anymore (though I guess I'm still not old enough to rent a car...).  Nevertheless, I was excited to have my birthday come around this year!

On Saturday night I went out in Harvard Square with my friends.  First my closest girlfriends and I had dinner at Grafton St. (yum!).  I got a cheese, tomato, and basil pizza that was really good. 

Here I am with my friends at dinner at Grafton St.!

Grafton brought me a free dessert for my birthday!

After dinner we headed to Daedalus, a popular bar in Harvard Square (that I also went to on my 21st birthday) to meet up with lots of friends of mine.  I was super excited because our PR guy Jake was home for the weekend from Detroit, so he was able to join us!  He had been warning us that he had an epic holiday gift for the three of us, but we had no idea what it was!

Check it out- we were floored!!!!  The signs are now hanging above each of our desks in the office.

Me and our PR guy Jake!  Thanks Jake!!!  Your holiday gift is on its way :)

Me and some of my friends at Daedalus.

Saturday night was a lot of fun, and then on Sunday night I went out to dinner with my parents to Sandrine's, a fancy French restaurant in Harvard Square that we had a coupon for!  I had never been there before but it was delicious and had a really nice ambiance, and I really liked it.  We got a pizza flatbread appetizer and I got scallops with butternut squash for my meal.  During our meal, my dad realized that Larry Summers, former President of Harvard, was eating at the next table over!  I promptly Facebook-ed and tweeted the news :)

Here I am with my parents at Sandrine's on my actual birthday.

And here's a full slideshow of pics I took out on Saturday night for my birthday!  Next up- Annie turns 22 in January!

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Stephanie is co-founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Media, which she co-founded in 2009 as an undergrad at Harvard.
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