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Stephanie & Windsor’s date!

Yesterday we had a really exciting day at work and finalized two new partnerships (more info on these soon!).  So after work, Windsor and I decided to go out on our very own “date” before hitting up a Harvard Recent Grads Happy Hour we had been planning on going to later last night. We went out to dinner together at Cafeteria, a delicious restaurant on Newbury St. that I had a Groupon for.  Windsor and I tend to like the same foods, so it makes going out to eat together super easy.

First we ordered a jar of raspberry lemonade that was super sweet and yummy. Here we each are with our drinks!

Then we got spinach artichoke dip for an appetizer that came with toasted flatbread:

And for our meal, we split a Greek salad and a margharita pizza- yum!

Then we hit up the Harvard Recent Grads Happy Hour at Lolita, a bar on Dartmouth St. by the Copley T Stop.  It was fun, but our dinner date was even more fun!  We were planning on stopping by Pinkberry afterwards, but we were too stuffed for dessert!

Stephanie is co-founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Media, which she co-founded in 2009 as an undergrad at Harvard.
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